The Nightmare Before Christmas Matthew Leong S2C 21

Book information

  • A novel by Daphne Skinner
  • Based on a story and characters by Tim Burton
  • Book ISBN: 978-1-4058-5210-4
  • No.of pages:55


Jack Skeleton was the pumpkin king of Halloween town , he made Halloween more horrible ever year but he was tried of scaring the people.


Jack inadvertently came to the other end of the forest, he found the "Christmas Town". He noticed that "Christmas Town" is all different from Halloween Town.


So Jack began to convene the people in Halloween Town to make a "Christmas "He played the role of Santa Claus himself. They prepared bats, spiders and heads as gifts and made the sleigh car which was used the skull elks


Jack knew he made a mistake so he found Santa but Santa had caught by Oogie Boogie so Jack helped him to escape


Finally, Halloween Town has returned to normal . Jack and Sally fell in love .

The message behind the story

The story hides a message : If you take risk , you will end up lonely in a cemetery after your flying sleigh crash-landed and went up in flames. That's how things ended for Jack, and it's how they'll happen for you.

My favourite character : Jack Skeleton

He is clever although he always makes mistakes and he will Immediately correct the mistake so I like his character.

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Matthew Leong

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