This is the flag of my home country

Hi my name is Donald Trump. I am an immigrant in America I came from Ireland. I have 101 children. I didn't have much money on the boat but now in America i'm super rich I have $9000,000. I have 9 mansions 90 houses and soon people will vote for me as their new PRESIDENT! And not just my mother but the whole U.S.A! I'm friends with Donald Trump Deudly. My dream has come true now i'm the president of the U.S.A. I was in steerage at the time I was friends with a mouse I named it Trumps butler. Then it ended and I was at Ellis Island

On Ellis Island

Getting on the boat was the first stop called The Passage. It took at least 1 to 2 weeks to get to America. When we got to Ellis Island the second stop was called The Arrival. Most passengers were tired when we got to New York. I saw the statue of liberty first. I was very happy to be in America because I did not like my home country. No one understood me because they are mostly from Europe. Good thing no one was fighting over America or else it would be terrible in Ellis Island. The 3rd stop was called The Baggage Room. People who did not speak English often did not understand the officers. Ellis island had a concession stand that sold sandwiches and drinks. The 4th stop was called The registry room. The registry room is 200 ft long and 102 feet wide. The Immigrants were checked for Trachoma with a button hook. The 6th stop was named The Medical Room. If you had a p on your shirt you had lung problems.

Map Of Ireland
When I saw this I was happy

4 facts about the Statue Of Liberty

1.It stands on a broken chain to show independence and freedom

2. The four rays on its crown stand for the 7 continents and 7 seas

3. Barthold's designed the statue

4. The statue is an ancient Roman goddess of freedom

My favorite part of thewebquest

1. The video

2. The audio

3. The photos



Ellis Island Interactive tour, BrainPopJr Statue Of liberty, and Google images.


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