The Village of Pulaski Sofie Fredrickson, S 11/12 Wednesday

Village of Pulaski Municipal Offices and Village Hall 585 East Glenbrook Drive

Map of The Village Of Pulaski

Village Issues

  • On Wednesday February 2nd 2017 a discussion was held at the village board meeting to decide whether or not to contribute to the purchase of a new fire engine for Pulaski's Tri County Fire Department.
  • The total cost of the engine would $269,215 dollars, each municipality (Brown, Shawno, and Oconto) would pay an over all total of $84,546 dollars.
  • I agree with the governments solution to the problem, I believe that between spiting the cost between Brown Shawno, and Oconto county it will be a quick and effective process to get the new engine as soon as possible.

Other Issues

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