Power edTech Weekly September 21, 2020

Welcome to a new format!

Hi! I'm moving my Power edTech Weekly edition to this new format that gives me a little more creative flexibility. Same great content, just a new look! You'll be able to stay on top of all the latest editions of Power edTech Weekly by visiting my landing page at http://edupowertools.com/weekly

This Week's Quick Tips

Using Two Displays to Manage Zoom

Hosting a Zoom meeting and all you have is a 12" screen? You might be able to use your TV, classroom projector, or a 2nd display to make managing and engaging with your students easier. Check out this video to see how to make it happen. Learn more

Classroom Setup Recommendations

Teaching remotely from your classroom? Here's some advice on setting up your computer and using your available devices to get the most out of the experience. Learn more

Hosting Controls in Zoom

Depending on which device you are on, there are a number of hosting controls you need to be aware of. Learn more

Using Google Voice

Google Voice is a fantastic VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that allows you to have a dedicated FREE number that people can call and text you at. This is especially useful for school situations that are in remote or hybrid learning and teachers may not have access to their school voicemail or want to stay in more close contact with their students and families (without giving out their own cell number). Learn more

Created By
Anthony Amitrano


Created with images by Tim Mossholder - "Love to Learn" • Berkeley Communications - "Berkeley Communications monitors" • Ivan Aleksic - "From the exhibition "The Nineties: A Glossary of Migrations" https://www.muzej-jugoslavije.org/en/exhibition/devedesete-recnik-migracija/ " • Guido Coppa - "untitled image" • Annie Spratt - "Telephone on side table beside sofa" • Marvin Meyer - "untitled image"