As the 2019 semester comes to an end, we celebrate another great semester with our players and their families. From our Family weekend brunch to our play day, the focus has been on finding our way together. Sewanee is about community, and this team is a big part of our shared experience.

Family Weekend Feast
Complete with crab mallets and lessons from some pros.

Through it all, we kept our sense of humor!

Thanks, Annie Sherrill!
Body weights and a run for the win!

While we enjoyed the comforts of campus and our amazing turf, three of our juniors spent the fall abroad. Whether on land or sea, it's pretty clear study abroad will be a highlight of their college experience.

Junior midfielder Mallory Bedell (Richmond, Va.; St. Catherine's) spent the semester in Barcelona, Spain. While she definitely enjoyed her time hiking the Pyrenees, attending soccer matches, and getting fancy in Vienna, we look look forward to having her back on the Domain.
Junior defender Logan Bulls (Woodstock, Md.; Garrison Forest) took her infectious smile across Europe as part of Sewanee's European Studies program. Not surprised to find her pictures were a blast of color!
Junior Sarah Strand (Natick, Mass.; Natick HS) spend her semester on board the Robert C. Seamans exploring New Zealand as part of the Sea Semester: Environmental Studies program in Woods Hole and at sea.

Some memories can't be captured in a picture!

Our 2020 schedule is out, and we are excited to host five first-time opponents (Bridgewater, Fredonia, Roanoke, Vassar and Widener) in addition to our conference schedule and traditional regional opponents. The 2020 schedule includes four games over spring break (with three in California) and totals teams from twelve different states (Alabama, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin).

Hope to see you at a game, either on the Mountain or on the road!
Yes, we live here!

Donations supplement our team budget, particularly for Spring Break travel.