Important Relationships Dylan Murphy

Scout learns from many different characters including both the people that have integrity and those who don't.

The first example of a character that Scout learns from and comes into contact with is Atticus. I chose Atticus because he is the role model of the book and has the most integrity out of anyone in the book. He shows that everyone should be equal and no matter who it is you need to stand up for them. He comes into contact Scout almost every chapter in the book since he is her father. She really just takes away that he always does the right thing and it gives her the life lesson of integrity itself where you always do the right thing.

Another example of a character she learns from is Jem. She learns from him in good ways and bad ways. He doesn't always listen and as he grows up the more she is constantly wanting to be like him. Now most of the time that would be fine but it has gotten her into trouble before. But at the same time it can mean doing good and listening just as much as not listening. It teaches her what it's like to grow up and what she is planning to do and act when she one day gets to that age.

Then there are people like Bob Ewell. These kind of people are when the negative parts start coming in. She really didn't even know who the Ewell's were until the trial came up. She then started to realize that they weren't telling the truth at all. This made her learn the life lesson that you shouldn't make up something that is not true because the consequences to those actions can be negative.

Another example would be her Aunt. Even though she showed some good things shes one of the people that have both bad integrity and good integrity. Scout experiences that with what she said about colored people. It made its impact on Scout when she kept saying all these bad things about them and that really shows shes not as good a person as everyone thinks she is. The good parts are her manners around certain people which isn't the only thing that matters but that can be the good things that Scout can learn from

Tom Robinson is someone she can take a life lesson away from. She came into contact when Atticus was talking about him when he got off work and eventually later in the book she went to his trial. He didn't do anything wrong and was just caught in the middle. Tom knew he was going to lose from the beginning because of the color he is but he kept on going anyways. He can teach you that there is no reason to quit even if the odds are against you and you won't win but you keep going.

One of the personal interaction I have had within my life would be with my brother. He has changed who I am because he is younger than me and growing up I had to do things that I would want him to do. I start to notice how he just does what I do and sometimes can be a bad thing. I see him doing the stupid things that I used to do and realized that it was not a good idea when I did it. After that it has made be more smart about the choices I make and what I do at least around him.

Another person is my friend Keelan from my old school. He was my close friend and we hung out just running around most of the time. It was a specific day that I looked up to its more of an every day thing now. He has a condition that I can't remember the name of right now and it makes him twitch and makes it hard to focus. I seen him at school and people clearly thought it was weird but they still talked to him and stayed close. He taught me that you still have to move on even when you have other things distracting or holding you back.

My Uncle is another person that I have learned something from. His is similar to my friend but in a different way. He ended up moving back in with my grandma for a little while when him and his wife had a divorce. Hes a funny guy and it seemed like he still tried to make the most of the situation that was given to him. That can teach me that you can always look at the positives in any situation no matter how big or small.

My mother in many different ways have had problems. She was diagnosed with CVID which can be something serious. She then got a divorce which can even more add on top. She got back together with him and then they recently split up again. It was never her fault any of the times and the hardest part of it all for me was that he decided to play it out until the day of my birthday when she got out of sinus surgery. Just shows that you can be strong even when everything that is going on isn't your fault.

Another person that I can learn something from would be my friend Cade. He also went to my old school and I left there a year earlier than he did. But for high school we wanted to get out of there anyways so me moving here after the divorce kind of worked in my favor. After all the friends I made at my old school he was the only one that actually remembered my birthday. It might have been that he moved to Salina and goes to Central but it really taught me that even though you don't see someone anymore doesn't mean that you can just forget about them if you are their friend.

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