AC5000S Series for Heat-Resistant Alloys AC5015S & AC5025S

The AC5000S Series, Sumitomo’s newest innovation in turning for exotic alloys. The AC5015S for general purpose and the AC5025S for heavy interrupted machining. Combining the new Absotech®Bronze coating with the newly developed carbide substrate to achieve unsurpassed wear resistance, the AC5000S Series ensures absolutely stable cutting in heat resistant alloys like inconel and hastelloy! This series is ideal for industries such as aerospace, medical, and oil & gas.

Features and Benefits

New Absotech® , the PVD coating technology incorporates a highly heat-resistant ultra-multi-layer thin-film AlTiSiN structure resulting in excellent crater wear resistance and flank wear resistance. In addition to the coating technology, AC5000S Series integrates a newly developed rigid carbide substrate material that demonstrates 20% greater toughness vs. conventional grades. The new substrate features a revolutionary new sintering process, maintaining hardness while greatly improving rigidity, reducing notch wear and improving chipping resistance.

Application Range
AC5015S Wear Resistance
AC5015S Fracture Resistance
AC5025S Wear Resistance
AC5025S Fracture Resistance

Test results have shown AC5000S Series to double tool life vs. competition while increasing speed and significantly reducing cycle time in normally difficult to cut materials. Recommended chipbreakers available for AC5000S Series EEF for finishing, EEG for medium cutting, and EEM for rough/ interrupted cutting. Developed for and first available in North American market, Sumitomo Electric Carbide, Inc. is proud and excited to bring AC5000S Series to our customers!

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