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2011 | Rock

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“So cry if you feel that the tears you shed will make you feel better. -- See I'm just critical of living like a criminal while you become a royalty hiding. -- I wonder how you'll justify the lies, the lies, the lies."


  • Justice hit #75 on the Billboard 200.
  • The band formed in 2002 in North Andover, Massachusetts.
  • Their song "Hell Yeah" was the opening theme song for Blue Mountain State and the song "We Own The Night" was the main theme song for the WWE Network reality series Breaking Ground. The song "Voices" has been used by WWE wrestler Randy Orton.


Luke Tatum

While catchy, this one isn't my favorite. What I do enjoy from the lyrics is the idea that we should hate living like criminals while others are becoming royalty. Royalty, of course, that is not expected to follow the same rules. Anyone can become a criminal tomorrow if the laws are changed, right? Does that mean that what is moral today could be immoral yesterday? No. This just means that morality is separate from legality, and each should be evaluated as such. It may be easier to just "follow the law," but is it right?

Sherry Voluntary

“So take all you can from an open hand / The hope of the dying / To save your disease / You're an empty breed / Your love of this lifetime”

This sounds like the masses of people who look to the open hand of government to solve every problem they have, not knowing that they’re putting their hope in the disease that is killing them. The love of The State breeds an empty culture of warmongering, violent, myopic, and dangerous children. They would be laughable except their toys are of the most dangerous kind.

Nicky P

The song as I see it utilizes a valuable insight that so many miss. Libertarians the world over bemoan what they see as the conflation of society and government. A place where this particular point becomes especially cumbersome is in the world of law. I'm not sure if the days of officer friendly being a part of the community ever truly existed but I can say in my lifetime i've never saw police as someone there to help people. They at best are hall monitors looking to get a "justice" boner for forcing others to obey arbitrary demands and at worst an invading army collecting tithe on the native population. British common-law is where so much of our law started but this wasn't a top down law. It was a freely developed system wherein participants reached certain conclusions. The law is based on cultural norms not government mandates. Justice comes from the people not the government. Government is good at theft not justice. Very different things. Surprisingly these cock-rockers seem to get it. I'm a lil surprised someone that sounds this much like Five Finger Death Punch is capable of that much nuance...maybe i'm just seeing what I want.

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Nicky P

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