Mercy Tennis By julia Tripp

Emily & Coach Osborne

Tennis has a new coach to finish the season. Sadly, Dave left us and moved down to Kansas City for bigger and better opportunities. Coach Osborne joined us to finish the season. Osborne used to teach theology here at Mercy. We are glad she came back to support the Monarchs!

Mercy snacking

“Mercy girls do know how to snack” said coach Osborne. Osborne is right, all the girls bring snacks and put them in the middle. We have chips, muffins, candy, and we had Taco bell. Eating before a match might not be the best idea but we still do well.

Sadie Weiner

Sadie payed well in her singles match. She is number one in singles. Sadly Sadie lost her match, but that won’t stop her. Sadie will be playing in state next week. Sadie will be a senior next season.

Audrey and Miko

Miko is our team dog. He is actually Pilar’s pup. Miko is a husky who loves to give kisses. He loves when we pet him. We love when he cheers for us. Audrey loves dogs and Miko is no exception!

Clare Jandrain

Clare always plays extremely well. She fights hard till the very last set. Clare has a strong serve. Her forehands have a nice backspin that makes it difficult to return.

Lexi Caito

Lexi played well in her singles match. She sadly lost but it was really close. Lexi has hard backhands. She also has a good serve. Lexi works really hard and it shows!

Emma & Emily

Emma and Emily are the only seniors on varsity. This was their last match with us before state. They are our first doubles. The play really well together. We will all miss them so much when they leave us!


Pilar and Delanie stole my phone and filled it with selfies. Wednesday was a hot day and lots of girls were sunburned be because of the harsh sun. Sad to say this was our last match. Six girls still have state and we know they will do great!

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