Bon Week-end Collection by Eugenia Molina

Bon week-end is my very first handbag collection that consists of four leather bags in different styles and colors, perfect to wear during the weekends and to elevate any casual look. "Eugenia Molina"

This "tote bag" is the most practical, spacious and light bag of all. It is called "Columbia", which is the charming capital of South Carolina and is where we find the most spectacular botanical garden. This bag is super comfortable for those days when we need to carry many things and for those moments when we go shopping all the day long. It also has a unique and original design that makes it different from all the tote bags that we see in the market. Its versatility lies in its color and design and how well organized it is inside.

The Charleston bag, is a "crossbody" style bag, but it could be a "shoulder bag" as well. We have named it Charleston, in honor of one of the most beautiful cities in the United States and South Carolina. Charleston is a very picturesque city and with much things to do, it is historical a delightful. This bag has a double compartment, which makes it super practical for those days when we go shopping all day and end up at night in a delicious and fancy restaurant. Its size makes it versatile, for day and night.

And for those days where we definitely want to look a little more dressy, stylish and why not, more creative with our look, we have designed this beautiful handbag, which despite being the classic black, is not as conventional as the rest, it is in definitely , a very unique satchel bag. Our Brickell bag is a satchel style bag, made of black saffiano leather with golden details that make it very different from the rest of its same category. It has two adjustable straps, which allow you to give a twist to your casual look. We have called it Brickell, obviously because of its black color that evokes the nightlife of one of the most emblematic and commercial districts of Miami. Thus, it has some gold details that represent the illumination of its nights.

Finally we want to introduce our beautiful turquoise-teal bucket-style handbag, which is the best item for those super casual trips, in which we do not need to carry many things, but just the necessary to spend our day. For its turquoise and beige colors, we have called it "Los Roques", because it reminds us of the most beautiful island located in the Venezuelan Caribbean and that is undoubtedly the perfect place for any weekend getaway, in which, of course, our Crossbody bag can be a great ally.

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Eugenia Molina

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