The Steam Boat Engine by:Ashton riggs

the invetion of the the steam boast engine is the most SIgnificant change in transpertation because it revelsionsed the way of transpertaion and also in sending supplies across the country and also helped to get from point A to point B and also helped to get to the westward expansion

it made transpertaion across the country and to get to diffrent states and get from to point B to point A more easier then ever and to get to water ways more easy and what i mean by that is that they can get to more places that they couldn't.

it effected the econmy for transpertion and for supplies to get to diffrent parts of the country and minmise to the supplies that they can take and get to more places then just around the country and go to diffrent nations all across the world

that the edvadnce to support all this is to the hole prspective of why they made it easier to go places and get more supplies by the country and one of the quotes by on of the inventers "we created this mecione to get more supplis and better transpertaion".

this invetion was made in 1767 by many inveters

and was during the time of the industral revolution

there also was the cotton gin

it made it easier to get the west more easier then everand what hase been going on mre people want to go over there


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