six components by brendon webb

Geography/Cities.How did geography impact the settlement of Ancient Greece? it made settling a little essayer. because thir is a lot of space so if thay wher coming back from a war thay could claim land.Where were early cities located and what was important about their location?.Greece,Peloponnese,crete,and some of asia.

class divisions. the Athens-upper class,The Metics - Middle Class,The Freedmen - Lower Class,the slaves . citizenship is when a person follows the rules and shows citizenship.

art. The types of art are architecture, sculpture, painting, pottery and jewelry impacted Greece by giving people work and making it look better so more people would want to come from far and wide to see and bring up the population. Persia,egypt,and part of india

Organized Government.Direct democracy is when every one votes to make a law. Advantages are it is cheaper while creates community and offers insight to the law disadvantages are it takes time from people,and every one has to get together which works for a small population only. Representative democracy the advantages are you can chose who you want to represent you and other people.and the disadvantageous are the majority rules when the people pick representative to make laws. Tyranny one person makes all the laws and has absolute power. the advantages are making loses essayer.get done faster laws are faster Oligarchy. the disadvantages are ruler could be mean and unfair. Oligarchy form of government where few people make the rules the advantages are have a small table of people so rules get passed fast.and the disadvantiges are could be corrupt

religious belief thay had different gods and goddesses all controlled some part of their world and life built temples to hold statues of gods. bilt temples and prayed left presents

writing systems because our alphabet is baced on the Greeks it looks very similer sighn names write jokes,poems,names,how much of somthing

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