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Mechanical automatic shut-off faucets are the ideal addition to the CONTI+ portfolio of electronic faucets. Robust, simple to operate and particularly resistant to any form of vandalism – the mechanical automatic shut-off faucet is a dependable solution for public washrooms.

Water delivery begins at the press of a button and – unlike traditional single-lever mixers – is reliably stopped thanks to the fully automatic shut-off mechanism. Automatic shut-off faucets use up to 55 % less water than single-lever mixers, since water is only provided as needed.

The new CONTI+ lino SofTouch also features the new CONTI+ automatic shut-off cartridge technology, for uniquely smooth triggering of the mechanical automatic shut-off function over the entire pressure range.

Thanks to its excellent ease of operation, the faucet is particularly suitable for use in kindergartens, nursing and care homes, and all other highly frequented public buildings.

smooth triggering of the mechanical automatic shut-off function over the entire pressure range

Triggering of the water flow - maximum triggering force of 15 N = 1.5 kg

Robust body - Stainless steel / chrome plated stainless steel; hygienic, robust and vandal-proof

Integral technology - the new, patented, reliable CONTI+ automatic shut-off cartridge technology enables smooth triggering, independent of the water pressure

Water saving - the CONTI+ automatic shut-off cartridge technology saves water by automatically limiting the water running time

Hygienic - germ-inhibiting materials

Temperate-adjusting lever can be removed to lock the temperature setting

Upright faucet connection options - cold and hot water connection (with temperature control) or cold and premixed water (without temperature control)

Easy fingertip operation.



  • Operating pressure: 0.5 – 10 bar
  • Flow rate: 6 l/min (3 bar)
  • Water temperature (max.): 80 °C
  • Triggering force (max.): 15 N (independent of operating pressure)
  • Pressure hoses: approx. 350 mm
  • Angle valve connections: G 3/8
  • Strainers: 0.5 mm mesh width
  • Flow angle: 40°
  • Spout height: 83 mm
  • Projection: 90 mm
  • Standards: EN 200, EN 816; CE

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