Project Journal

Divya Rath

Thomas Vincent, Preeti Iyengar, Valeria Espinosa

March 27 2017- April 18, 2017

AOK Badge: History

"Delving into our past experiences to shape our current knowledge"

3-27-2017: Today we were assigned to our first area of knowing: history. We went over a brief overview of areas of knowing in general. Since this is our first time working with AOK's, we are all doing history. I look forward to seeing the discussions and ideas that are brought up in our exploration of history as an AOK. I took the badge quiz today, and have to say that I'm fairly intrigued about the subject just from the preliminary studying I have done. Mr. Morrison also grouped us together for our badges; in our group, we briefly discussed a few knowledge questions and at the end of class, we decided to focus on the question, "What is the relationship between history and memory?"

3-29-2017: I wasn't in class today; I had a volunteering event for spring sports. I will make sure to obtain the information regarding the project from my group members after school.

4-4-2017: I obtained the information regarding our project from the shared google doc we have. As stated previously, our knowledge question reads as "What is the relationship between history and memory?"

4-7-2017: We had our first presentation for area's of knowledge today. As a presentation, I thought that we

4-17-2017: The Redo Presentation Journal: We just had our redo presentation; according to Mr. Morrison, it was substantially better than our first presentation. We offered a higher commentary on the idea of knowledge, and also elaborated more on the relationship of knowledge in regards to memory and history. We discussed how gaining knowledge through memory isn’t always reliable since memory has many factors that influence its reliability. Also, since our source is old, it was shown that there were many things that could influence the way he remembered things and the way that conveyed them to the public as a source of knowledge. We furthered our point that memory is a way of knowing which allows us to gain knowledge about history. I believe that we were much more prepared and r In conclusion, we provided a higher commentary on knowledge to our audience, and I believe that this allowed us to further our understanding of the relationship between memory as a way of knowing used to acquire history, which is an area of knowledge

Extension Proposal

I found this section and decided that it was an important piece of work that would be worthy for our arsenal of resources in TOK. Since our knowledge question dealt with history and memory, and how the reliability of memory influences the history we have today, I thought that this resource perfectly mirrored the points we made in our presentation. This video is also based on a historical case, and so I thought that the combination of both the AOK and an type of WOK was perfect for the relationship I was trying to embody through this proposal. Because it combines these two aspects, I believe that it is a worthy TED Talk to include in our elective readings.

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