Network News SEPTEMBER 2018

Barbara Hughes Sullivan, Executive Director

Dear Members, Friends, Volunteers and Partners,

What an exciting time of year! Everyone is back from summer vacations, family trips, rested and invigorated! I like the change in seasons, especially fall. I fondly remember the start of school, new friends, programs and new teachers. This year, VtVN has a new director instead! And I am jumping in with both feet. Our calendar is full and we are thrilled with the fall line-up that Village to Village Network has on its calendar.

First up! The National Village Gathering-San Diego. Registration ends on Monday, September 17, 2018. Many thanks to the Planning Committee who has done a superb job these past six months in preparation of the annual conference. A lot of time and effort goes into the planning of our conference. They have prepared some incredible breakout sessions, secured fabulous speakers and obtained many new sponsors for this year’s event. Check out the agenda, (here). I hope that you will join us in our 10th National Gathering this year on October 7-10 in San Diego.

The Village Movement has become an integral part of aging and services available in communities across the country. Our primary focus in the next several months will be on mentoring new Villages to expand on the growth of the network. Many are already taking advantage of the Village 101 tools, webinars and partnerships that VtVN has developed.

I am excited to take on this new role as the National Director. VtVN Board of Directors and staff are working on new and exciting collaborative partnerships for continued growth and national visibility. As a national organization, we need to show what we do, what we care about and what our story is. AARP has a tag line, “Aging is Changing”, and the Village Movement is right there making the change possible.

See you all in San Diego!


Deadlines coming for NVG18!

The 2018 National Village Gathering is October 7-10 in

San Diego!


We want to thank our sponsors and exhibitors and we encourage everyone to check them out!


Last month we highlighted how Villages provide opportunities to volunteer in your community. These volunteers do it all! They will give you a ride to the doctor or to the store and they "Make It Possible" to GET THE JOB DONE! While each Village is different, most offer services such as changing light bulbs or light handyman work. Some even do yard work! All those little jobs that become more difficult as we age GET DONE with the help of Villages!

Contact your local Village to see what jobs they can GET DONE for you!

To support the Village Movement across the United States and ensure that Villages keep growing, and working together, please donate to Village to Village Network. Click the link below to Make It Possible to have this amazing support network!

Coastline Neighbors is celebrating its first birthday!

Coastline Neighbors, located on the southern Oregon coast, probably started like lots of other rural Villages. A few friends sat around a kitchen table and discussed ideas, groaned over the daunting task of establishing a nonprofit and then found our way to VtV Network.

We will be forever grateful for the resources, advice and encouragement we received from VtV and its generous members. Thanks to you, we went from the kitchen table out into our community.

Coastline Neighbors services a low-income area, so, we patterned our organization after similar villages in order to stay all-volunteer staffed. We are small and successful. Coastline Neighbors has filled 99% of the 375 Member requests received.

During this first year, we amended our goal of serving our entire county and focused instead on the largest town. We are gearing up to provide services to the other towns next year.

Coastline Neighbors likes to have fun! We put on funny hats to become Members “Martha and Harold” during our Community Chats. These two get a lot of laughs while describing our services. We also sing our “Dos and Don’t's” to the tune of Jingle Bells during Volunteer training.

"Harold" talks about the services that Coastline Neighbors will provide.

Having completed our first year of operation, we are now seeking marketing funds to attract more Volunteers so we can accept more Members. To that end, and to have more fun, Coastline Neighbors recently entered a “Haiku Contest” sponsored by Oregon Community Foundation.

Here are the rules and our entry. ‘Feel free to borrow this idea for your Village.

Send 17 Syllables and an Image...

Line #1 5 syllables – Your mission

Line #2 7 syllables – What you do

Line #3 5 syllables – Why you need money

It’s been a great first year for Coastline Neighbors! We know it’s been worthwhile when a Member offers a hug and whispers, “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Visit our Website Here

Phone: (541) 207-1366

Start your conversation today

The Conversation Project is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care.

Village Anniversaries!

4818 Washington Blvd, St Louis, MO 63108

For more info email us at vtv@vtvnetwork.org

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