Goals of mine ZhaoJun Liang

Career Goal

S - I want to have the job of my desire, which is being a programmer, or a video game deisnger

M - I have to take programming classes, probably from college, it will cost This will cost from 5,000 to 30,000 , to learn about programming languages, and learn a little bit about graphical designs.

A - I want to know at least 3 programming languages within 4 years.

R - It will require me to know at least one programming language, and if I were to be a video game designer, I would have to know what people are interested in, what device people prefer and know how to create digital objects.

T - I want this to be a 6 year time period, it will take me half a year to finish high school from where I'm at, and 4 to 5 years to finish college or university and obtain the skills I need, the rest for finding the job.

Family Goal

S - I want to go visit my sister down in Arizona during spring break.

M - I have to book a plane ticket, it will cost from 100 - 500 round trip, depends on which company or time I book. since I'm not confident enough to drive that far, I would have to pack everything.

A - I need their permission to stay over for a week, and I would have to have the money to pay for my own expenses since I don't want my parents to pay for it.

R - I have worked for enough of money to be able to pay for the plane ticket since I'm not driving, and I have a luggage I am going to carry.

T - Spring break is April 1st to April 9, so I'm going to book the ticket this week, so to get a better price.

Financial Goal

S - I want to have about 5,000 dollars in my bank account.

M - I need to be working, I'm earning $8 an hour, and I work about 25.5 hours a week.

A - I need to work all of the shifts possible, try of avoid getting sick, and be on time so that I don't get any deductions on my paycheck.

R - I have worked 2 weeks, and I have some savings from the previous job, and by August, I should have around 5,000 in my account if I don't spend too much.I have to manage my money.

T - From this day to August, which is about 6 months, to have 5,000 dollars saved in my bank account.

Physical Goal

S - I want to run more, when I have spare time

M - This will not cost me other than time and effort.

A - I can find spare time on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, since they're the days that I'm off, after homework, I should go out and run.

R - It is winter right now, and I have winter clothes for running, only one set, but it wouldn't affect me since the days I'm off are at least 1 day away.I want to be able to run for 30 minutes per day, since I have 3 days in the week that I can run, it is not a lot, I have ran track before, I should be able to do it.

T - I need to start this week, and I don't want a time bound on this because I want this to be a life long thing.

Social Goal

S - I want to talk to all junior-high and elementary classmates back in China.

M - This wouldn't cost, all it would take me is time and effort.

A - I would need their contact information, since I have that, I just need to start the conversation.

R - They are all high school seniors now, but some of them didn't go to high school, it might be very hard for me to contact the ones that are high school seniors because they're all preparing for the big test.

T - I want to make this until the summer ends, because then I would have enough time to contact the friends of mine and for them to respond.

Spiritual/Emotional Goal

S - I want to go to a psychologist to see if I have any emotional problems

M - It will cost about 75-150 per session, if I want to go more, it will cost more

A - I can go online and look up psychologists here in Ogden, and I have to be opened up to the psychologist.

R - I can find a psychologist right here in Ogden, and a few of them to choose from.

T - I want have the first session in the summer, and if I want to go more, I can plan it after.

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