Podcasting Jorge santiago

Week 1 - Editing Audio

Here is my first attempt at building a Podcast intro.

I used to work with SoundEdit 16 and Deck II back in the day. Audition seems similar in nature. I felt that there were too many steps to manipulate audio at time. Wasn't really sure if all my effects were always taking place. I think I struggled with amplifying and controlling decibels. My settings kept going back to 0. Finally realized that a separate window was opening on my 2nd monitor where i was expected to make the changes.

Final project view in Audition

Still, feel pretty ok with the final output. Would definitely benefit from a more in-depth look at the mixer and effects.​

Podcast intro

Week 2 - Ballad of the Wind Fish episode 2

​I finally finished this. Decided to wait a while until I could get an interview with my friend in Australia.

For this assignment, I went back to Week 1 video tutorial and looked at the basic effects. Re-recorded everything, intro and questions. Added the background music and 1 special fx sound. Plus the 3 answers from Tim via iPhone video. I didn't do much outside of what was expected for this course, but I am finally feeling more comfortable with the app as a whole.

Excited for future Audition courses. Here is a link to my final audio.

I also placed it in Adobe Premiere and added more title sequences and a Triforce illustration.

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