Digital Portfolio By Marley Milne


During my years at Smith Middle School, I have evolved as an artist. From being in Art of Animation, Sculpture and Modern Design. This is my digital portfolio, which has visuals and responses of my work through these classes.

Classes that have helped me grow as an artist

Reflection of Classes and Work:

The first class I took at Smith Middle School was Art of Animation, in 7th Grade. I liked this class because it showed how to do things, it takes multiple steps. I learned that every frame counts because if you miss one it doesn't make sense. In 8th Grade, I took Sculpture. I also liked this class because it was fun to work with clay and then fire it. I learned that colors tell emotions, that relate to your piece.

Modern Design

Creative Process

Reflection of creative process:

In the creative process, I like to brainstorm ideas first because it helps generate options for the project.

Artists who inspire

Reflection on my Favorite Artist:

My favorite artist is Frida Kahlo. I like her because most of her artwork, is different from everyone else's. She inspires me because, she shows that being unique is a great thing.

In Summary

In Summary:

The classes and education I got in the Glastonbury Public Schools Art Department have given me the experience and information about art that I will use throughout my future years as an artist.

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