Religions of Ancient India How do religions develop?

The Upanishads present basic Hindu views about the universe. Many Hindus regard the deity Brahma as the creator of the universe. Images of Brahma show him with four heads. Each head is believed to have delivered one of the four Vedas, or early sacred texts.

Indian Hindus believe the Ganges River is sacred. They believe that the river is the physical form of a female deity, and they bathe in the river to purify themselves.

Buddhist monks devote their lives to honoring the Buddha through prayer and gifts. Monks are considered to be on a higher spiritual level than other people, and they serve as spiritual teachers.

It is a tradition for Buddhist monks in Tibet to create geometric patterns using brightly colored powders, stones, or pieces of metal. The shapes in the patterns represent the cosmos, or universe, and are believed to have special powers.

Gandhi used nonviolence as an effective protest tool. He often protested by fasting, or not eating, to show support for a cause.

Karma decides what you will be reincarnated into.

Practicing Buddhism would make people's lives better by keeping calm.

The Hindus believe that Brahman is one universal spirit made of different deities.

Buddha taught that a good life is without greed, anger, and always do good.

Buddhism and Jainism share the belief that you shouldn't harm anyone.

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