To Kill a mockingbird "point of view" assignment by Nicolette harrison

Scene 1: Miss Maudie's fire (point of view: Atticus)

I had just put the kids to bed and a few moments later I glanced out our tall windows to see a blazing brightness. I took a double take because I couldn't believe my eyes. I ran outside in fright wandering if someone could be hurt. As I was running closer to the fire I realized it was Miss Maudie's house. I saw Miss Maudie outside the house which in that moment I thanked the lord she was okay. I figured I better go wake the kids up and tell them. I made Miss Maudie aware that I would be right back out and headed for the kids. I had awaken Jem already so I headed toward scout last. On my way to her I grabbed her bathrobe and coat so she could just throw something on. "Baby, get up," as I shook her. "Put our robe on first," I said. She kept staring at Jem like he was a complete stranger so I said, "Hurry hon," "Here're your shoes and socks." Scout kept asking me if it was morning and I felt bad because she seemed genuinely confused and concerned. And then she finally caught on and asked what the matter was. I didn't even have to tell her, she just sensed it like a police dog. I told her it was Miss Maudie's.

Scene 2: Calpurnia takes Jem and Scout to Church (point of view: Calpurnia)

Atticus was gone and I was the one to watch over the kids. It had me ponderin' over what I was gon' do with them on Sundays church. I surely couldn't leave em alone after the last incident with Eunice Ann Simpson, I am aware of what trouble them kids can get into. Scout came into the kitchen while I was shellin' some peas. She suggested I go without em to church, but like I said, I knew that wasn't an option. I told her they were to come with me to my church, an idea I wouldn't suggest in a million years but I said it and I was happy to have them come along. I had them dolled up like no before. I reckon I went a little hard on getting em ready for my church, but I have to say I was a little nervous and didn't want no comments about not lookin' after my children. It was goin' just fine until Lula had to add one of her snarky comments, " I wants to know why you bringin' white chillun to nigger church." We spoke back and fourth and I knew my tone and the way I was talkin' was different and I didn't want the kids to hear me like this but it came out anyways. Lula made us feel completely unwelcome and extremely unequal. I gotta tell ya I was really bothered by that.

Scene 3: The trial (point of view: Mayella's)

I knew the truth. As a matter of a fact, I knew it well. That morning my father looked me in the eye and he ran over the story again, he told me what to say and how to act innocent. He yelled at me and threatened me not to screw this up for him. I felt bad gettin' Tom Robinson into trouble but my father always tells me Negroes aren't important, although Tom was always nice to me. That man Atticus, he was askin' me some real hard questions. Yunno they took me awhile to think of an answer and some were hard to make believable. He asked me, "a nineteen year old girl like you must have friends. Who are your friends?" Well if I was bein' honest I reckon Tom was my only friend, but I had to stick to the plan, " You makin' fun o'me agin, Mr. Finch?" Turn him into the bad guy I thought, it'll make him look bad. He later on asked, "Does he ever go after you? When he's-riled, has he ever beaten you?" I knew in this moment my face was giving everything away. For some reason I felt Mr. Finch could see right through me. They scared me because I couldn't imagine what my father would do to me if I messed this up for him. So I replied, "My paws never touched a hair o'my head in my life, he never touched me."

Scene 4: Bob Ewell attacks Jem and Scout (point of view: Boo Radley)

I heard screaming outside my window. The scream was a scream I knew best, it was Jem. I knew Jem and Scout were in danger. I didn't want them hurt. I've been sittin' up in this house and they were the only ones who paid some attention to me, I gotta do them some good. I grabbed one of my kitchen knifes because I had no idea what could be out there or who and I wanted to protect those kids as good as I could. I ran out of my house and I saw Bob Ewell tackling scout. Jem was on his way over to help out but I had to push him aside and tackle Mr. Ewell myself. He was squeezing Scout so hard she was turnin purple. He was fightin' hard I had to grab my knife and stab him. I guess I thought maybe it would injure him enough to have him down for awhile for us to get away but it killed him... We ended up back in the finch's house where I just stood quietly in the corner. Scout didn't realize it was me yet but I knew she would and that's when she looked at me with the most innocent smile and said, "Hey Boo." It was the one of the best (very minimal) hello's I've gotten. I wish I could thank Scout and Jem for paying attention to me. And I also wish I could thank Heck Tate and Mr. Finch for putting a hush on this incident. Instead, Scout walks me home and I walk back into my safe place.

I learned from this assignment that this book had many symbolic moments that many may have over looked. The scene where Scout stood on Boo Radley's porch made me really dive into that scene a little more and realize how different his world was and how special of a moment Scout had realizing that. By doing this assignment it made me realize more of the deeper meanings to most of the scenes. This assignment helped me understand the scenes I chose, a little more closely. I understand the book better by reading more about it and exploring it from another persons perspective. Mr. Crooke wanted us to understand what it was like from another person's point of view or to walk around in someone else's shoes. By speaking from someone else's point of view completely changes my perspective on most of the characters in this book and it really made me think what it was like for them, instead of just knowing Scout's side of everything.
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