Abner Aguillon Bim 1 Period 1

January 4

How was your break and what did you do?

My break was lucid and very exciting in Orlando, Florida. I was able to take the bus every morning to go to the different parks in Disney Land. I only ate two meals a day because the food was very expensive. I walked miles around the parks and it was fun hanging out with the family. It was pretty cool to explore the parks and the rides. After the trip i listened to music, played video games, and read in the last days.

January 6

What is the most trouble you have given your parents? What is the most enjoyment you have ever given them?

When i was three years old i threw the worst fits at restaurants and everywhere we would go. I was so bad that they sometimes left the restaurant. I would always cry and scream and i never knew why i acted that way. When i was fourteen i had the most wonderful behavior at a party we went to. I didn't act up like in the past and that was the turning point of my ambitions. i did bad things growing up as a child, but those days are long gone. My mature behavior formed an impermeable barrier on my bad behavior. I've invested time to learn from other people's mistakes. That's when my parents received the most enjoyment.

January 9

Can Writing express feelings?

Yes, writing is the best way to express your emotions so you can look back and learn from it. It's healthy to open up to writing to relieve the stress and grudge. Writing is a good way to exercise expression and writing skills as well. Writing makes the person engaged in showing their true perspective of things. It can help encourage the person from all the obstacles.

January 11

What dream can you conceive? Can you believe it? Can you achieve it?

Making a 85 in World history AP by the end of the semester is a dream i can conceive. I believe it because i'll put in the work to get there. I can achieve it if i don't procrastinate or slack off. By studying and reading the reading guides i can make an 85 in the class by the end of the semester. Turning in work on time is a good start to get to my goal. It is possible by having faith that i will achieve it.

January 13

We have a three day weekend, what are your plans?

My plan is to get myself together and finish all the work assigned for the weekend. Once i complete all my work i'm going to go buy a new Xbox controller so i can play Xbox. Once i pass the time playing and doing daily things i also plan to watch the Cowboys vs Packers game on Sunday by myself. On Monday i'll just relax and orient myself maybe go out with the family in San Antonio. That's all i really do at home nothing much nothing crazy going on.

January 18

How do you decide if you like someone? How do you show interest in them?

If the person acts in a good way and is always doing good in school then that's one reason for me to like someone as a friend. The person needs to have a good background for me to trust them. I would kindly set a mood and tone to grab the person's interest. Another way is to talk about daily things and hobbies to satisfy the need to talk. Simply i can pay attention to them when they talk back to show that i'm interested in their interests.

January 20

Have you ever "Passed on the kindness"?

I don't think i came across a scenario where someone would give me something for free. Even if i did get something for free i would've never thought about buying somebody else something. I think i passed the kindness once where my dad gave me a left over cheese burger and i gave it to a homeless guy sitting by the trash can. I passed down the kindness on to him which will bless me. It's better to give than to receive in life to get double of your earnings.

January 23

How was your weekend?

Not much i started by playing video games on Friday and watched videos on my phone. I went out to eat as well to Lock hart with my dad. On Saturday i went to San Antonio with the family to spend the time in the mall. On Sunday i went to church and after church i went to sleep. My weekend was pretty good not too bad or stressful.

January 25

Who is your biggest fan?

My biggest fan is Ezekiel Elliot the running back for the Dallas Cowboys. I'm not a crazy die hard fan i'm just a fan who likes to watch him run the ball. Every game i watch him play and it's very thrilling to watch. He is my favorite player and deserves the MVP and rookie of the year. He played like an elite player on the field and that's what makes me a fan of Ezekiel Elliot. I wouldn't be a fan to anyone else only Ezekiel Elliot as in now.

January 27

What do you love most about yourself? What do others love about you?

My patience is something i cherish a lot about myself and my creativity which comes in handy when i'm trying to figure out something. With every person i interacted with at school something that they all loved was my comments. I barely talk to keep things interesting when i say something. Everyone gets hyped in class when i have something to say. Since i don't talk they know less about me. They love it when i speak and also they love the way i see things that's why they turn to me.

January 30

Which of your senses is most important? What would you do without it?

My most important sense is my vision all the way. I would rather see because seeing is what allows beautiful things to be seen. Without it i would cry and live a miserable life. I wouldn't be able to move around quickly or move anywhere. I would be really slow and lie wouldn't provide beautiful things in my life.

February 1

How do you see yourself? How do you think others see you?

I don't really care how i look like what so ever. It doesn't matter how i look the only thing that matters is a good personality. I didn't plant a seed of doubt inside me because that would only discourage me. I see myself as a good person who can make people happy. Since i'm mostly quiet here at school i think some people see that as weird. Never in their lives have they seen someone be so quiet all the time. Some still respect me and like me because i still talk sometimes to my classmates. They don't care how i look like they only see the inside.

February 3

Do you treat people as they are, or as they ought to be?

If you always treat people as they ought to be then you are always encouraging that they can do what they want to do. If you encourage them it's a possibility that they won't become the person they always wanted to be. At least it's better to treat them as they ought to be because treating them as they are won't bring much enthusiasm or faith. It's just better for me to treat them like they have a purpose to fulfill in life.

February 6

How were you thought to tell the Truth?

When i was a little kid i would often lie but, it would be rare for me to lie in any type of scenario. If i lied then i would be planted with a seed of guilt by my mom and eventually i would break psychologically. From those moments i began to tell the truth more often and i became an honest person from there on. I progressed as the years went by now i'm a completely different person.

February 8

Have your parents practiced long division, on your friends or you?

No, i never came across a situation like that in my entire life. My parents never even had the chance to do such a thing. Not many one on one situations will ever occur because i'm not caught up to all that. I prefer to stay at a conservative state then to lurk and open doors.

February 10

When has a friend introduced a new world for you?

When i was in the first grade my friend Thomas introduced me to a life style I've never seen before. He introduced me to a different type of culture and style. Video games, clothes, shoes, and certain things. All the style he had was a new chapter to part of my lifestyle. It was a pretty great experience for a 6 year old till now.

February 13

What is the most important advise you ever received?

"The less you know the better" was probably the best advise i had ever received from my dad. In order to avoid the drama and stress it's better to exclude all of it and wonder off elsewhere. It really helped a lot because i wasn't carrying other peoples weight and secrets. From all the fuss going around i won't be concerned or worried about something ever in my life.

February 15

What was the most stupidest thing you have ever done? Did someone persuade you to do it?

When i was ten i did the most stupidest thing. I was throwing rocks at the house for fun not realizing that i could hit a window. They were dirt rocks so they would just blow up into a million pieces which was satisfying for me to see. I kept on throwing them until i decided to throw a big one. When i threw a bigger dirt rock that's when it hit the window and it broke into a million pieces. Nobody was there to persuade me it was at my own entertainment.

February 17

When did you ever experience a near death experience?

In 2015 in Matamoros, Mexico i went to a family reunion during the night with my family. Me, my brother, and my two other cousins decided to go to a 7 eleven. It was right around the corner and the snacks looked delicious. We were grabbing some snacks and drinks when a group of thugs were hanging outside out of a sudden. One of them came inside with a taser and was talking to the cashier. Immediately we all hid in the bathroom when one of my cousins spotted one of them with a gun. We waited in the bathroom for 3 minutes which felt like hours trying to think of something. After time has passed we decided to make a run for it and we did. We sprinted through the doors as fast as we could not giving them a chance to react. Somehow we made out alive and it was a miracle.

February 22

What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

I wish i knew all my knowledge right now in the fifth grade so can be the smartest student in the 5th grade era. I would love to take advantage of my knowledge and get 100 all the time. I would want to blow threw the fifth grade so i can have fun playing on the playground like old times. It would be the greatest experience that i would ever enjoy and perhaps be famous from my knowledgeable performance.


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