The effects of the Reformation By: AbbEy short & maryjo castro

Peasant Revolts

  • Started during 1500s
  • Peasants believed Luther's ideas (meant that God was going to protect their ideas
  • They adopted individualism, but they abused the idea
  • Luther condemned some peasants for violence

Religious wars

  • Fought over religion in eroupe
  • The made Luther an outlaw
  • Princes went to war with king
  • In 1555 princes signed a peace treaty

Creation of the Church of England (Anglican)

  • Started when King Henry wanted to divorce his wife and the Pope didn't let that happen
  • Henry refused to mention the Catholic Church to followers
  • An Anglican named William Tyndale worked on English version of the New Testament
  • A controversial topic in the Anglican Church is whether or not they should practice Catholic Beliefs
  • Tyndale was eventually executed for disrespecting the Catholic Church

Council of trent

  • High level Church officials
  • The met to reform Church
  • Religious truths

Creation of the Society of Jesus (Jesuitism)

  • Founded by Ignatuis of Loyola, a former soldier in the 1530's
  • In some ways, it was a military unit rather that a Religious Organization
  • Jesuits learned obiedience and discipline, and it was based off of faith and reason
  • Jesuits studied teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas, African, Asian and South American Languages (for Missionary purposes)
  • All of this was supporting Counter Reformation

The inquisition

  • Court established to investigate Catholicism leavers
  • Used intimidation and torture
  • Most famous inquisition was the Spanish Inquisition

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