lol...OMG! A libraby, youtube, and death threAts

In this chapter, UCLA student Alexandra Wallace created a 3 minute long video complaining about the asians in the library, and uploaded it to YouTube. In the video she complains about the Asians and how they talk to loud on their phones in the library while others are trying to study. The video went viral, and many people were offended by what she did/said, she was ostracized and began receiving death threats. Alexandra Wallace had to stop attending classes at UCLA for personal safety.

I think that this is a good example of how one post could ruin you life. When she posted the video to be funny, it was meant for only her friends to see, but it ended up going viral and totally backfiring on her.

"It has turned out to be a mistake that has changed the course of her life forever".

This is a picture of the girl who posted the video, and the words are what she said Asian sound like while they talk on the phone.

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