GlenwoodTimes #2 - February 2019

The latest edition of the Trinitonian has been sent home with your child. We encourage all pupils to enter the “Taste Bud Battle”. The outline of this competition can be found on pages 13 – 17.

Headmaster's Message

Dear Parents

I am extremely excited to inform you officially that the building of our SCHOOL HALL has been approved by ADvTECH and that it will, in all likelihood, be completed by year-end. All the role players involved have already been in communication with me and the machines have already been set in motion. Allow me to thank all the parents for their patience and support in this regard. It might be a little premature thinking on my side, but possibly we will be able to utilise our new facility for some functions at the end of this year – let’s hold thumbs that delays in this regard will be kept to a minimum.

A project such as this will cause some disruption on campus, and I would just like to apologise for this in advance. However, plans to deal with these disruptions will be communicated to the pupils and parents in timeously.

The security at the school remains a priority with which ADvTECH is currently dealing. I also undertake to inform the parents of further developments in this regard.

Afford me the opportunity to thank our parents for their positive contributions to the school. A special word of thanks to the outgoing Parents Association and all those other parents who are always visible and willing to roll up their sleeves for the benefit of all Glenwood pupils. Congratulations to the incoming PA on being elected by the parents, and I look forward to their POSITIVE contribution towards the well-being of Glenwood House.

What will the new hall look like? See below


The first few weeks at Little Glens were awash with all the colours of the rainbow. While revising the primary and secondary colours, the children dressed in different colours every day. The Grade 0’s eagerly worked with their teachers to transform a plain white t-shirt into a delightful spectrum of colours during our tie-dye activity. The playground was bright and colourful as they showed off their lovely “old-school” shirts!

The children thoroughly enjoy Library time with Ms Cindy. She taught the children that each story has a beginning, middle and end. Last week, the Grade 00’s had a great time acting out an all-time favourite “The Three little pigs” using Ms Cindy’s colourful props.

The Grade 000’s always have lots of fun on the playground, but even more so when there are a few muddy puddles around. Smiles all round as the little ones stomped, jumped and sang the day away!

As part of his environmental project for the Two Oceans Aquarium, Joshua Scholtz, Grade 11, started the Glass recycle project at Little Glens. Once a week, the children are allowed to bring 5 glass bottles to school, to exchange for a market day item. The glass bottles are distributed to local honey farmers and the local home industry while the remainder are sent to Henqua waste management services in George. Little Glens are taking a keen interest in this initiative, and are learning that no matter how small they are, they can make a difference.


foundation phase angels hard at work


A – A small act of kindness goes a long way

N – Neighbourly love is a necessity

G – Giving is about making a difference

E – Everyone is special

L – Little things make you happy

During the course of 2018, the Foundation Phase ‘Brown Money Angels’ collected brown money and, literally, filled pots with it. Mrs Colleen Steyn fetched our collection at the end of the year and set about the mammoth task of counting every cent!

The contribution from Glenwood House at the end of last year exceeded all expectations. Our wonderful gift of R8604.00, was welcomed with open arms and we were profusely thanked for our contribution towards the purchasing of uniforms and school stationery for children who are in need.

This year, our eleventh, we hope to surpass our all-time high of R8604.00 and encourage our little ‘angels’ to keep the brown money rolling in...

First two rows: Mrs Colleen Steyn, Sofia Rominger, Hannah Otto, Faith James, Francois du Plessis, Grace Vonk, Ethan MacDonald, Annabelle Kruger, David Spies, Hannah McComb, HJ Joubert, Jonathan Ladomo, Maré and Ryan Boshoff. Back row: Max Bubanj, Moses Nqumse, Gerhard Hoepfner and Liam Groenewald

social media and your child

Imagine walking into church on a Sunday morning and seeing a picture of yourself on the big screen where you are picking your nose!

Although church is not a social media app, can you think of the ramifications of something like that happening to you?

We parents sometimes don’t think of the things we say on social media. We talk on groups, posting memes and jokes which are often inappropriate.

Our children see us sharing these pictures and jokes at social occasions and think that they need to emulate this behavior.

At school we use a closed journaling tool called Seesaw where we encourage our students to always be positive in the comments and posts they make. We also encourage them to post their best work and not just use it as a place to post memes. All teachers using the platform are notified of a new post, and the staff member then has to approve or reject the post.

Parents are invited to join Seesaw so that they can see what is posted.

If we find that a post is inappropriate, we speak to the child and notify the parent. We don’t do this to get the child into trouble, but hope that this will be a learning curve for both the child and parent.

What can you as a parent do to assist your child?

• Model appropriate social media behavior.

• Don’t allow negative talk about other children, parents or teachers.

• Discuss the kinds of things that they may have encountered on social media. Speak about why the behavior is inappropriate.

• Always teach your children empathy: What would it feel like if that was said about me?

• Discuss the fact that once something is on social media it NEVER goes away.

• Discuss the danger of posting pictures of oneself.

For additional guidelines, here are some useful websites:





Glenwood Spirit: A Renaissance

If we stick to the true meaning of the word 'renaissance', then the passion with which the 2019 Spirit Committee unleashed their energy, has truly caused a rebirth, a renewal and a re-awakening of the blue-blood spirit within the College!

Stepping out in their striped spirit blazers, the committee started a new tradition where every member will have their name embroided on their blazer before handing the blazer over to the following year’s spirit leaders.

The Prestige Athletics Meeting on the 31st of January also provided the first opportunity to unleash the “Boomslang” and other thundering anthems on our visitors. Our Glenwood spirit blasted loud and proud throughout the afternoon, motivating fantastic performances from our athletes, and proving that, with a positive, enthusiastic team at the helm, Glenwood spirit is certainly packing a punch – bring on the Winter Derbies!

L Hiemstra




Inter House Athletics

Congratulations to Montagu for winning the Inter- House athletics meeting in convincing style. The award winners for the event were: Kyla Hamilton (Junior Victix Ludorum), Lomé Gouws (Senior Victrix Ludorum), Carmi Lewis and Wido Rudolph (Montagu house captains), Wido Rudolph (Senior Victor Ludorum) and Alex van Heeren (Junior Victor Ludorum).

George Athletics Team

Glenwood House is very proud of the performances of our young athletes who have secured their selection to the George athletics team. They are (front) Mirka Bekker, Kara Booysen, Konrad Gouws, Chanah Gerber, Kyla Hamilton and David Spies. (Back) Matthew Seabrook, Carmi Lewis, Wido Rudolph, Shane van Eeden and Jamie Smit.

Inter House Gala

We held the Inter-House gala in near perfect conditions. This event allows all our swimmers to participate and enjoy a gala under competition standards. The spoils of the day again went to Montagu, who dominated most races. Their team captains, in green, Wido Rudolph and Carmi Lewis, received the trophy on behalf of the house. The Spirit cup was awarded to Wellington, with their captains Blake Crankshaw and Abigail Powell receiving the trophy. The individual awards were awarded to Abigail Powell (Victix Ludorum), Stefan Steyn (Victor Ludorum) and the most promising junior swimmer award went to Max Nel.

Eden Schools Swimming Championships

The Glenwood House U10 to U13 swimming team won the 2019 Eden Schools Swimming Championships.

The gala was hosted by Knysna Primary on the 15th of February 2019.

Chukka Water Polo

Our U13 water polo team participated in the Chukka festival at the Knysna waterfront. They faced strong opposition and the learning curve for this team was very steep. They did manage to win 2 matches and their match against Fish Hoek, which they won 6- 4, was their best team effort.

Samantha Bellew, Morgan Barclay, Alana Vermaak, Jolisna Mulder, Jessica Powell, Gabi Vakis, Zosia Gaca, Cailey Edwards, Lomé Gouws, Lurinda Fourie, Mire de Waal and Brooke Illman

The adventure of every match started even before the game with a 3 m jump into the water that had to be negotiated!

U13 Water Polo

Our U13 water polo teams played at the Chukka festival held at the Knysna waterfront. It was as much of an adventure for our boys as it was a great polo learning experience.

Our boys had to face strong opposition and managed to draw 2 matches and also win 2 matches. A memorable match was against St John’s where we were 1-4 behind after the first chukka, only to claw our way back to win the match 6-5!

(Front) Zac Nel, Ben Denn, Campbell Barclay, (back) Hugo Naude (who scored an impressive 18 goals for the festival), Stephanus de Kock, Charl Hofmeister, Ryan Vos, Matthew Hall, Roman Doherty, Matthew Seabrook and Rogan Thorkildsen.



A very successful start to the 2019 GWH College Athletics season!

To date, GWH College athletes participated in 3 competitions with new records and personal bests the order of the day.

Annual Interhouse Meeting

The annual Interhouse meeting kicked of proceedings on the 25th of January 2019.

Courtney (631) again took the honours in 2019, followed by Montagu and Wellington.

Even though Courtenay took the house title, the record feast this year was led by Montagu (11), Wellington (9) and then Courtenay (3).

The junior Victor and Victrix Ludorum awards went to Aidan van Eeden and Megan Bosch, respectively. Megan’s 10.37 in the GU14 shotput earned her an excellent 820 points. The senior Victor Ludorum title went to Ewert Pretorius in a repeat from last year and the Victrix Ludorum to Lara Vrey. Lara maintained a solid average across all events with 4 out the 5 scoring higher than 600 points.

Lara Vrey and Micaela Kirsten

Best performance awards for the day looked as follows:

Junior Girl: Megan Bosch (Shotput) 820, Junior Boy: Aidan van Eeden (200m) 612, Senior Girl: Lincy Gondwe (Shotput) 830, Senior Boy: Scott Blackwell (200m) 617

Gisèle Young

Results of events where records were set:

GU14 100m INY de BEER 13.98s, GU15 100m GISèLE YOUNG 14.03s, GU15 200m GISèLE YOUNG 29.30s, BU15 200m AIDAN van EEDEN 25.30s, GU14 400m KATE BARTELS 74.18s, GU19 800m AMY HYDE 2:53.49s, GU19 1500m AMY HYDE 5:48.98s, GU17 1500m JENNA BORRETT 5:41.03s, BU19 800m HENDRIK VISSER 2:14.12s, GU14 90m hurdles GISèLE YOUNG 15.29s, GU15 Longjump GISèLE YOUNG 4.40m, GU15 4x100 relay Wellington 61.52s, BU14 Discus LEVRONE van WIJK 29.65m, GU14 Javelin KATE BARTELS 20.72m, BU17 Javelin HUGH IVES 46.85m, GU15 Shotput MEGAN BOSCH 10.37m, GU17 Shotput LINCY GONDWE 11.23m, BU14 Shotput TIAAN HUGO 10.13m, BU17 Shotput HUGH IVES 12.21m, BU19 Shotput HEATH RICHARDS 12.73m

GWH 2019 College Interschool Athletics Meeting

The annual GWH Interschool’s Prestige Athletics meeting on the 31st of January 2019 took place in sunshine but extremely windy conditions that impacted on performances. However, 14 new records still managed to be set.

The schools participating were Glenwood House, York High, Curro Mosselbay, and Oakhill from Knysna.

GWH made a clean sweep of the junior and senior Victor and Victrix Lodorum awards. The junior accolades went to Gisèle Young and Aidan van Eeden and the senior recipients were Micaela Kirsten and Scott Blackwell.

From l.r: Gisèle Young, Micaela Kirsten, Dennis Symes, Scott Blackwell, and Aidan van Eeden
Carla du Plessis
Aidan van Eeden and Roelof Naude

Results of events where records were set :

GU15 100m RENCIA de JAGER 13.31s YORK, BU14 100m SPHE NZAMA 12.0s YORK, BU17 100m COHEN GALLANT 11.12s YORK, BU14 200m SPHE NZAMA 24.68s YORK, GU14 400m C. BARNARD 67.9.8s CUR, GU15 800m KAYA RALL 2:43.9s YORK, GU15 90mH GISèLE YOUNG 14.84s GWH, GU17 100mH MICAELA KIRSTEN 17.34s GWH, GU19 100mH JOSCELIN FOGLE 20.92s GWH, GU19 Highjump E Dos SANTOS 1.45m YORK, BU19 Highjump SHAUN WAGNER 1.85m YORK, GU15 Longjump RENCIA de JAGER 4.77m YORK, GU19 Shotput NICOLE SCHEWITZ 9.94m GWH, BU17 Shotput CHRIS BUCKLEY 12.91m YORK, BU19 Shotput HEATH RICHARDS 12.64m GWH

George Regional Championships

No fewer than 23 athletes represented GWH College at the George regional championships on the 8th and the 9th of February 2019.

Lincy Gondwe

It was the best ever presence at these championships with the 23 athletes competing in 54 events.

The final medal table for the GWH team: 13 gold, 9 silver and 9 bronze.

Amy Hyde
Iny de Beer
Nicole Shewitz


• Well done to Gillian Young for being selected to attend the SA Masters Lawn Bowling tournament. She just missed out on medals over the weekend of 8-10 February 2019. We are all proud of you!

Tennis: Final matches and challenges to determine the Eden squad are on their way and we wish our players best of luck to make the Eden Tennis team.

Biathlon is also happening at the moment and our student are noticed in this category before inter provincial matches.

Cricket: our 1st team had some close results as did our U15 boys. The season is drawing to an end with finals of the T20 competition to happen this weekend. Thanks to our boys who endured hot, windy, dry and wet conditions these last few weeks / weekends. You did us proud.

Swimming Inter House - Courtenay won the inter house gala.

A lot more activities are happening at the moment and we ask students to please keep us informed on results and achievements.


8 – 9 FEBRUARY 2019

The Glenwood House U15 boys’ water polo team travelled to Grahamstown after being invited by St Andrew’s College. After hosting them at Glenwood in October last year, it was their turn to host what is hoped to become a biannual event.

The boys played 3 matches against Selborne U15A, Woodridge U15 A and Kingswood U15A.

Results were as follows:

Lost 2-14 vs Selborne U15A, drew 6-6 vs Woodridge U15 A, and beat Kingswood U15A 5 - 3.

Special thanks to Ms Carmel Smith for coaching and to Mr Baehnisch for managing the team and driving the bus.

Glenwood House U15A water polo side about to beat Kingswood College (125 years old) in their own water polo pool!

Back: Campbell Illman, Daniel van der Merwe, Daniel Walker, Xavier Pearce, Dimitri Sissou, Michael Pearce, Joi Togba, Levrone van Wijk Front: Emiel Terblanche

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