Feudal Japan

Bushido, is the way of the samurai. Bushido is what a samurai lives by. This helps structure society because Samurai are willing to defend their land till their last breath. Without them the shogun's power would've shifted to the emperor which could lead to a tyranny. Also, the warriors who would've defended Japan Would be very different.

Samurai Saves His Honour

The second custom is Feudalism. Feudalism started as early as 8th century, but it didn't flourish until the 10th century in Europe. Feudalism kept a fair balance in lower classes of food, land, etc. If feudalism did not use feudalism they might've used a different type of government like aristocracy which would've neglected the lower classes.

A Social Pyramid Of Feudal Japan

Government, The earliest of governments helped create laws that would make sure there wasn't chaos and pandemonium.When Feudal Japan had aritocracy its golden age started which without, they would be very behind in many subjects. Life without government would mean chaos and life without rules.

Constitution Or Page Of Rules
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