Language: English and/or Scottish Gaelic

Currency: Pounds

This is a traditional Scottish kilt

Population: 5.295 million

this is a piece of architecture that is in Scotland

Government Type: sCOTTISH PARLIAMENT eCONOMY sTYLE: gDP (gROSS dOMESTIC PRODUCT) economy: Gross domestic product

this is a scotish food

Exports: First class mechanical engineering, Green energy, Scotch whisky. Imports: Machinery, tobacco, vehicles, beverages

Culture: About clans;battles;kilts;etc.

this is one source of transportation in Scotland

A problem in scotland and the usa is invasive species

one problem in scotland but not in usa is people liking haggis.

This is a crayfish, an invasive species in Scotland.


Created with images by misterfarmer - "flag scotland blue" • Newtown grafitti - "Kilt" • indianabones - "kelpies falkirk horse" • TounoTouji - "a large bowl of seafood potato salad" • johnmcgrevey - "canal forth clyde" • makamuki0 - "crayfish american crab invasive species"

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