Children At War:World War II By: Ethan T. Frazier and Caleb Granderson

In World War Two there are millions of children who fight in the war, help in the war, or supply materials for the war. Children have many different jobs to help the soldiers on both sides of the war to make weapons and vehicles. In the article CHILDREN: WORLD WAR II it stated, " the children had multiple jobs but one in particular was to find scrap and give it to engineers to build weapons and vehicles." It also stated that even kids that were below the age 10 were in the war given guns to kill. Little kids just the age of 10 were becoming more mature than some teens and even adults. They see a lot and can also cause mental problems

English children in bomb dugout [Image]. (2005). Retrieved from

In this photo there are some kids who are hiding in a dug out in the middle of a battle. This shows that even in the battles there are kids involved and they hide if they cant fight. They are watching something in the sky and covering their ears most likely do the gun shots or explosions.

Maltese children in impoverished living quarters during World War II [Image]. (2005). Retrieved from

The war has cause children to lose homes and have no whee to go besides this little shelter. They are given food and water, but they are alone with some strangers trying to survive the war. These kids may also have mental problems because they could of witnessed their parents killed or something tragic which is why they could be a lone.

In one article there war american men who helped Vietnamese children survive and stay stable throughout the war. He made sure that they were OK and protect them from the war.


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