Museum of Warsaw Uprising

Museum of Warsaw Uprising was opened on July 31, 2004. It documents Warsaw Uprising which began on 1 August 1944 and lasts 63 days. The uprising started after 5 years of German ocupation of Poland. During the uprising about 200 thousands people were killed by German soldiers. The uprising felt after two months of drag-out fights. In the museum there are many exhibits from uprising. For example we can see: replica of Liberator B-24, printing house or canals.

Warsaw destroyed by Germans in 1944.


In Museum of Warsaw Uprising there is replica of the plane Liberator B-24 made in scale 1:1. Liberator B-24 was an american combat aircraft, which was used as supplies for fighting Poles during the Warsaw Uprising. The captain of this plane whas Varsovian – Zbigniew Szostak. Liberator was shooted out by German figter jets. To make this replica, there were used pieces from original Liberator. The hall of the plane has 20 meters long, wingspan is 33,5 metres. This is the most spectacular exhibit in the museum.

Replica of Liberator B-24


The museum has a thirty two meters tower. From the tower you can see the landsape of the city. On the tower there’s also a symbol of Fighting Poland and Polish flag.

The Tower

In the Warsaw Uprising Museum you can experience travelling through the sewers just like the people who fought in the Warsaw Uprising who wanted to get to another part of the city controled by German army. It’s located on the first floor of the museum building.


We hope that you enjoy our virtual tour to Museum of Warsaw Uprising. We encourage you to visit this amazing place. Thanks for your attention!

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