Korematsu v.s U.S. Faith thomas, olivia chase, and trajen iorg

People's Side of the Argument:

Fred Korematsu, an American of Japanese heritage avoided internment by pretending to be a Mexican American. He was later arrested and convicted, but he argued against the government for the oppression of the Japanese races.

Internment camp

Government's Side of the Argument:

After Pearl Harbor the U.S. government was nervous that citizens of Japanese descent were in alliance with the enemy. Japanese Americans were forced into internment camps after an executive order was signed by president Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Supreme Court Case

Supreme Court Decision:

The Supreme Court decided that the general safety of the country was more important than the individual rights of the Japanese people.

Effect on the Country

It put the country's priorities into perspective and made people of minority races feel unsafe. America will always remember the injustice the Japanese people had to go through.

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