Wichie the Raindrop aNd his lost home Drop Top

Wichie woke up he noticed he wasn't home he was in the ground literally, in the ground.He looked around he didn't know where he was but once he saw the moving droplets he knew he was in the big city of 'Dirt and Stuff'.Wichie was very terrified.He didn't know of anybody in the city.The most important thing he was thinking about was getting home.

He was very nervous he saw people running,and even riding skateboards down the streets.This place looked as packed as an ant hill.He wasn't confident that he was going to find his home again.but,something started happening to Wichie.He was somehow floating.A person riding a skateboard started to shout,"look,he's evaporating!"

He was rising very slowly but eventually he reached the clouds.He also saw some droplets stuck in the clouds too Wichie asked one droplet named Pepe for directions Pepe exclaimed,"There's no directions here buddy, everyone gets off at a random place."

Then he just kept falling and falling he couldn't control how fast he went."Poof" you could hear the sounds that clouds made when he fell through the clouds below him."Splash"the sound was very familiar.He questioned himself,"The only thing that made a splash sound is when water hits water,I'm made of water and my home is water,I'm home!"

He saw everyone he recognized Uncle Jesus,Bill the Droplet,and even Pepe was there.He didn't really know him that much but he hoped he would.

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