Independent Assortment By: Kira rymer

  • Define:
  • Nondisjunction- a chromosomal mutation that produces an offspring with an incorrect number of chromosomes.
  • Recessive Genes- expressed in an organism only in the absence of a dominant allele.
  • Dominant Genes- always expressed in an organism
  • Somatic Cell- nonsexual cell
  • Germ Cell- sexual cell
  • Karyotype and how the genotype can change the phenotype:
  • Karyotype- a visual display of an individual's chromosomes, which are paired and numbered.
  • Genotype is the complete set of genes carried by an organism, which affects the phenotype, which is the set of traits that an organism displays.
  • Explain:
  • Klinefelter syndrome is when someone inherits an extra x chromosome. It is a recessive trait that is from a germ cell.
  • Down syndrome is a mutation in the 21st chromosome. It is a recessive trait that is caused by a germ cell.
  • Colorblindness is a condition where people can only see certain colors. It is also a recessive trait that is caused by a germ cell.
  • Turner Disease alters the development of females. This mutation is neither dominant nor recessive, and is caused by a somatic cell.

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