It's all about you You are a writer, a thinker, and a communicator. Who knows you best?

In general most high school students believe that high school is the most dreading place they go to 5 out of the 7 days a week. Although most come and go, in and out of the school everyday little of them realize how much they are learning in the time that they are here. I can say as a high school student that I have realized who I am as an individual, how I learn new things, and how I communicate with those around me by taking a simple class just like senior composition.

A single semester class has taught me who I am as a learner, and how I'm specifically learn as an individual. I've learned that I'm better off learning when something is right in front of my face an struggling with what's right to what's wrong with my work. When a teacher is often in front of the class speaking about something and trying to teach I've found my self very well not paying attention and getting side tracked in other things happening in my life because I can't focus on what they're actually talking about. Being a senior in high school I've learned that blowing off what happened in the class that day is something you can't do, you have to find time on your own. As a learner I am better off listening to a teacher talk and then move to the next step of an assignment, which helps me pertain the knowledge and then them going back to there talking. I think that often at times it helps an individual like myself to have someone explain to them what they are doing wrong on assignments when getting things wrong, teachers don't often speak out and offer to the students to explain what they're actually doing wrong, which most students won't ask if it's not offered to them. As a learner I'm better off at working and learning on my own and just having the information needed right in front of me, lectures from beginning to end of the class doesn't allow me to learn it only has been sitting in the class being the bored student in the back of the classroom.

In the semester of senior composition I've learned a lot about myself as a writer and how that effects the way I communicate with others. I've found that writing is something that I actually enjoy to do but struggle with the rambling and using the correct words to express the way I want to get things across in a paper. As a writer I know that I'm very well at getting the points across that need to be placed but very bad at getting it across and wrapping it up without dragging the information on an on. For example this year when writing are paper on things that bother us I wrote about people abusing welfare and I couldn't find myself being able to get the topic out there with the facts needed to be placed and wrapping it up. I just wanted to continue the paper on and on with information that was already there or just to continue to add information on top of the other information Ive already placed inside of my writing. I've found that from the beginning of e year to e end of this year that my communication of getting things across as improved. Going from the type of writing as a texter to go to a well educated sounding writer. Overall I believe that this semester has helped me with my writing processes and the way I communicate my thoughts across to those who read my writings.

Individuals think differently as there education continues, the brain process different situations different ways allowing the opening room of "thinking." Thinking becomes a very long process, the information coming and the ideas coming out. Knowing the way I think personally I. An say that as the person I am I can read something or even think about something and allow my thoughts roll off and be out in the open. As a thinker I let all questions and remarks come to my head when thinking about topics all around the world. I think that allowing yourself to have a mind set of being open to anything that could possible coming to your mind helps you as a thinker and even a communicator. I know as my own personal thinker I often think to hard about certain topics and often over think them. When thinking about things I'm often writing down many if not all the things that I'm thinking about to concrete it into place in my head. For example when thinking about finals is week , what finals I had what day I pulled out a piece of paper. As soon as I started thinking about what finals I had each day I found myself writing that information down and then reading over and over it. As a thinker I'm writing everything down and then re reviewing it as if I had never thought of it, as if someone just previously had said something an I'd need to implant it into my memorization. I'm better as a thinker than I am a learner and even a communicator. The thoughts that come to my mind while thinking often stay there , never expressed.

As a senior in high school taking a senior composition class for only a senior it has made me realize who I am as a person. The person you are evaluates around the way you think, the way you speak, and the way you inform others around you. Senior composition as made me realized how I talk as an individual, how I learn as a young adult, and how I think about the things that come to my mind. Although being a senior you don't realize how much a single class can change you as a whole until you're already through the w tire semester.

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