The Meaning of Death An unfinished Elicit response from years of introspect - by Tiffany Le

I am thirteen, tomorrow is my birthday - Should I be happy? Will death come upon me sooner? How long have I got? What is life? What is death? I have not figured out my answer to this meaningful existential question, but fear not, in who knows how long, I will build myself to have a coherent physiological spirit by taking off in literature or obtain my "findings" through observations in my Physchology course (in two years) and maybe working with the organ that controls humanity (the brain) - neuroscience (99.99% not possible) to do it. Maybe, having this understanding of what has comes of life and death is by confronting morality itself, your own, not others. Well, I do know that this response is a promise. For now, life goes on and the world will never know...

Paul Kalanithi as a training neurosurgeon

I hope I will find the answers that Paul Kalanithi could not come to find. I read Paul Kalanithi's profoundly moving and unforgettable memoir in "When Breath Becomes Air" and is the reason for this.


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