Rollercoaster Evidence By Joseph Wanzer

Criteria: Create a rollercoaster for a marble. It must have a cool design, must land safely in the cup, display a 90/180/270 degree turn, display a corkscrew or loop

Contraints: The rollercoaster must be shorter than the tallest person on the team, must be smaller than the tape boxed on the ground

General Concepts: We started with a list of different rollercoaster ideas and decided which would be easiest to do. We started with the space idea and drew it out. Once we learned other students were doing the same thing, we decided to try something else

Develop a solution: We decided to go with "Under the Sea" idea which was an underwater themed rollercoaster. We originally planned to do 180 and 90 degree turns with with two loops. We wanted it to look like a large jelly fish holding up the rollercoaster with a submarine on top.

Construction: We made lists of what each person needed to bring and made a list of who needed to do what for the project. I helped Cole with the designs for the rollercoaster. Cole and I made the tubing and we made coral. I also helped the other members with their tasks.

Evaluate: Some if the problems we faced were that things were not fitting the way we wanted them to. The jelly fish was supposed to be supported by two pvc pipes. But we could not get the, to stand up be themselves. We attempted glueing and bracing it, but eventually changed it by removing the tubes and using boxes instead. When we tried releasing the marble down the tube, it would sometimes fall off or come out. To fix that we had to change the placement and taping of the tubes.

Presenting: When we presented to the class, we did not make it in the cup with the first attempt. The marble kept falling out on one of the bottom loops because it was not securely taped. It took us four attempts before it made it in. We made it in the cup before the time was up.


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