Host a Bake Sale for Compass Family Services


STEP 1: Setting Up the Bake Sale

Find a location.

One of the most important parts of the bake sale event is LOCATION. Pick a very visible location in a place where there is a lot of foot traffic, such as a popular neighborhood store, in front of a local bank or in a busy area near a school.

Pick a day and time.

Pick a day and time when you know people will be hungry! Busy times include lunch time, after work, or weekend mornings.

Build your bake sale stand.

Get creative! Use bright colors, make sure you’ll be comfortable (use a sun shade, or umbrella) and make sure there’s a safe place to keep your hard-earned money!

Make some tasty treats!

This is the fun part! You can use the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe we provide for you, or create your own sweet & tasty treats– it’s all up to you to make treats that people will enjoy for a good cause!. (Remember to think about food allergies, such as nuts, when you pick your recipe!).

Let people know about Compass Family Services.

At your event, don’t forget to provide copies of Compass-at-a-glance fact sheets so others can learn more about Compass and how they can get involved! See below for links to documents & sample flyers.

STEP 2. Invite People to The Event

Send invitations by email, text, or old-fashioned paper!

Communication is key! Let everyone know about your Bake Sale! Don't forget to send out a reminder a day or two before, and the day of your event!

Post about your event on social media.

Please tag and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Hang flyers in busy areas

Hang flyers wherever you think a lot of people will see them!

Ask local schools or businesses for permission to announce your bake sale, and give information about Compass Family Services!

Raise awareness about your event by publicizing it in newsletters, blogs or announcing it at meetings.

STEP 3: Schedule a time to drop off your donations at Compass.

Contact Karin Lamb at Compass Family Services to schedule a time to drop off your donation. Call 415-644-0504 ext. 1112 or Email klamb@compass-sf.org.

Learn more about Compass Family Services:

Contact Karin Lamb to schedule a tour of Compass Family Services to learn more about our programs and other ways you can help!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

recipe source: All Recipes Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Promote Your Event

Thank you for wanting to get involved and help us alleviate family homelessness!


Created with images by Ashley Kirk - "Take a break" • ponce_photography - "cookie dough raw cookie" • Gudlyf - "chocolate chocolate chip cookies" • Jade Wulfraat - "Fresh Cookies"