Why we should start School later in the day By: McBaine Scholzen

I think we should start school later in the day because kids would get more sleep in the morning to be energized so they can listen and learn more during school. This might help kids succeed in school.


Some questions I have are:

1. How would it work?

2. Will it effect how long classes are?

3. Will school be longer in the day?

4. Will the homework situation be deferent?

5.Will the after school activitys be effected?

My opinion is that I think school should start later so we kids can have more sleep.

Some reasons are:

That school is starting too early so teens are not getting enough sleep and are not focusing in class.

Starting school early also lead to to many tardys because kids are not getting ready fast enough in the morning. And if school started later tarried will drop. Articles: By. Lisa L Lewis and Articles from sleep foundation.

Studies also show that lack of sleep leads to irritability, depression, poor impulse control and possible violence.

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