Mobile filming: An accesible way to democratize effective communication for youth workers In the first project meeting and staff training, representatives of SKILL IT project partners explored how to tell visual stories with their mobile phone in film format.

BBC includes mobile filming as one of the components of its FUTURE TALENT program. You might say recording video is an easy thing to do with our smartphones – but are you getting the very best results from yours? Just “pressing record” isn’t enough if you need footage good enough for telling a good story or communication.

Our exploration as the SKILL IT partners team from Ireland, Norway, Poland and Romania has started with this question: are we really capable of telling good visual stories with our mobile phones?

Most of us were not interested in the next great Oscar-winning film but still we all wanted to know how just trying to capture moments that are important to us, or footage that we think will resonate with others. Here are some of the masterpeices after a short introduction.

There are a handful useful tips to level up your filming skills and reveal the full potential of your phone to tell effective visual stories, or to teach about these skills in yuor team, check our toolkit with fiull of inspiring scenraios and useful tips:



Laget med et bilde av Hermes Rivera - "untitled image"