May is Motorcycle Awareness Month Watch out for Bikers!

May marks national Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and The Milwaukee Police Department is urging drivers to share the road with motorcyclists and drive safe.

Motorcycle Safety Tips for Car Drivers

1. Check your blind spots.

Motorcycles are small and at times can be hard to see when switching lanes or turning. Make sure use your mirrors when merging or turning.

2. Slow down when driving behind motorcycles.

There should always be at least a two car distance between you and another vehicle or a motorcycle. You need to give yourself enough time and room in case the motorcycle has to make a quick stop or unexpected turn.

3. Always Use your turn signals.

4. Dim your headlights.

High beams are more blinding for cars and motorcyclists so while driving make sure to dim them when you pass them on the roads at night.

5. Be careful when turning.

With any turns, be aware of motorcycles on the road and how fast they are going if you are turning. Left turns can be particularly dangerous due to your blind spots.

6. Don’t drink and drive.

Drinking and driving is never cool. It's dangerous for everyone!



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