Sarah's Key Jordyn Carrillo

may 4- exemplary evaluator

  1. Tatiana De Rosnay was born on September 28, 1961 in Paris.
  2. Her father is a French scientist, his name is Joel De Rosnay.
  3. Her mother is English, her name is Stella Jebb.
  4. Hugh Thomas is her uncle.
  5. Tatiana lived in Boston for a while but was raised in Paris.
  6. When she went back to Paris in 1984 she was a press officer.
  7. After being a press officer she became a journalist then a literary critic.
  8. When she was a critic she wrote for Psychologies Magazine.
  9. Ever since 1992 she has published twelve books in French and three in English.
  10. In 2006 she published her novel Sarah's Key.
  11. In 2009 the French film was adapted by Serge Joncour.
  12. She is a French, Russian and English descent.
  13. She is married.
  14. She has a daughter and son.
  15. Tatiana is a international sensation with 9 million copies sold of Sarah's Key.
  16. It was sold in forty two countries worldwide.
  17. The first book in English by Tatiana was Sarah's Key.
  18. Her schoolteachers neglected to teach about the Vel' d'Hiv roundup.
  19. Tatiana has two movies based on her books.
  20. The two movies are Sarah's Key and Moka.
  21. She is a journalist, writer and screenwriter.
  22. She was specifically born in the suburbs of Paris.
  23. Tatiana's great grandmother was Russian actress Natalia Rachewskia.
  24. Her mother was the daughter of diplomat Gladwyn Jebb.
  25. In England she got her Bachelor's degree in English literature.

may 3- connection builder

Right now in my book one of my main character is struggling with getting an abortion or not. It happens in the world all to time to women from all over. Women have to make the decision everyday to keep their baby or get a abortion. A women at the age of 25 in Florida didn't want to have her baby because she wanted to go into the military and couldn't take care of a baby so she decided she had to get rid of. It is hard to make a decision that hard without thinking about it for a while. Having a baby or getting rid of a baby is a decision only the mother can make really. You can solve this problem by not getting pregnant in the first place. If you don't want to get pregnant then don't get pregnant. If you were to have wanted to get pregnant then all of a sudden get pregnant and not want to be you should have thought of that before.

may 2- character captain

may 1- word wizard

april 28- literary luminary

april 26- discussion director

The German and the French joined forces to round up the Jews. The German invaded France for 4 years. The Jews were forced to wear yellow stars so that they would know they were Jews. 4,115 children and 4,919 women were rounded up by the French police on the orders of the German. The women and children were then sent to Auschwitz concentration camps and most were killed.

April 25- exemplary evaluator

april 24- connection builder

Julia and I don't really have anything in common. We are both driven though, when it comes to something important to us. Julia has a sibling and I also have a sibling. Julia knows what she wants and goes for it and I do too. I love my family very much and Julia does too.

April 21- character captain

April 19- literary luminary

April 18- discussion director

My book Sarah's Key is written by Tatiana De Rosnay and the book is a historical fiction. It's historical fiction because it states facts about the holocaust such as, "And a plaque, too, reminding the passerby that Jewish families of the third arrondissement had been gathering here, the morning of July 16, 1942, before being taken to Vel' d'Hiv' and deported to the death camps." Julia Jarmond is the main character of the present tense in my story. She is trying to find out about what happened to the family that lived in the apartment she is moving into. Julia has many different emotions, descriptions, and interactions that reveal who she really is.

Julia has many different emotions about her. Julia can be loving, mad, caring, stern, but also cautious. She is different with each character in her life. Her emotions toward her husband are loving, but also very cautious so she doesn't totally let herself get lost to him. With her daughter and friends she is loving and caring.

Her description makes it seem like in the past couple of years she has gotten tired and a lot older. When she first came to Paris she had blonde hair and was vibrant, and now she has gray hair and looks worn out. She still looks the same in general though just tired. Julia's interactions with people made her seem nice and caring. Her interactions with people are careful what she says and nice.

April 17- Exemplary Evaluator

Sarah never stop trying to get back to her brother to see if he was safe.

April 13- Connection Builder

In my book Sarah's Key and in The Whispering Town both Sarah and Anett are brave. Anett is hiding Jews in her house and Sarah is hiding her brother from the Jews. In Sarah's Key the Nazis knock on each door looking for Jews and it's the same for The Whispering Towns. Both are during the time of World War II. They both want the people around them to be safe.

April 12- Character captain


She is strong, willing and loving

Loves her brother

She feel scared, sad, and lost

She needs to get back to her brother, find a way to leave, and get back to a normal life

She fears losing her brother, not being able to get out, and losing the ones she loves

She would like to see her brother safe

She lives in Paris, France


Literary Luminary April 10

  • " 'My daughter is French, she was born in Paris, why do you want her too? Where are you taking us?" Page 7. I don't understand how it would help if she is French and born in Paris. I mean I guess it would show that she wasn't Jewish and she is full French.
  • " 'I'll come back for you later. I promise." Page 9. I don't think she should have promised that to him if she didn't even know where they were going in the first place. She promised I think so that her little brother would have reassurance that everything was going to be fine.
  • " 'Do you know where the father and the son are?" Page 14

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