Students should be not allowed to use cellphones in class. By: Andrea Renderos

Cell phones should be not allowed to use it in class. That provide distractions for students and teachers, allow for cheating on tests, and for other social reasons.
Students should be passionate by classes not by texting.
Even when one cellphones ring in class that makes all students be distracting. Now if all student’s cellphones are allowed of using cellphones they will be focusing on it. They will not be paying attention to the teacher.
More than 35% of teens admit to cheating with cell phones, and more than half admit to using the Internet to cheat.
more teens preferring text instead of talk to a friend face to face.
It is time that students need to start thinking that they need to learn something real. Students will be using the things that they learned in school and use it for real life. Cell phones will not be the school tool that they will need when they grow up.
Thank you for your attention..


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