I survived by: Matthew by: Lauren Tarshis The attacks of september 11, 2001

Him at the doctor.

A boy named Lucas lived in New York City. He practiced playing football with his friends. One day Lucas was playing a game of football. The quarterback passed the ball to Lucas. Lucas went for the ball. He hit the ground head first. He went to the doctor. The doctor said that he would not be able to play any more. He wanted to play but he wasn't allowed to. Lucas went to Uncle Benny's house.

One day Lucas and Uncle Benny were outside and a plane was flying really low. Lucas said he could even see the numbers that showed on the plane. And Lucas was trying to tell him to stop but the plane wasn't stoping. The plane was heading right to the twin towers and then it crashed into the first tower and it exploded the twin tower. The twin towers were on fire.

The plane crash

After the plane crash Uncle Benny was calling. Lucas ran back to the firehouse. Uncle Benny said that they were gonna need everything. Lucas was thinking how many firefighters do they need to put the fire out? Lucas asked what Uncle Benny was gonna do. He said that he will go inside the twin tower and save some people that are inside of the building. After Uncle Benny went inside the tower Lucas's dad came. His dad told him to run because there was a sound that was really loud and his dad told everybody there to go inside. And then a booming sound came and one of the twin towers fell.

After the tower fell there was dust everywhere in the little shed. The people were afraid that the other tower would fall down soon. Lucas and his dad went outside. They were wearing about all the people and Uncle Benny. And then Uncle Benny came out of the tower and Lucas was happy and so was his dad. Lucas still wasn't happy that he could not play football. But he liked to play with one of the players named James, and he got to watch the game. He was happy with that and was happy that he survived.

Him watching James play at the football field.

The End

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