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Question: What makes a good citizen?

Answer: A good citizen has rights and responsibilities. A right is something that you have and it's given to you. In a way a right is a privilege. One example of a right that everyone in the United States has is freedom of speech. A responsibility is something that you should do, but you don't have to do it. Voting in an election is an example of a responsibility, because you should vote even though it's not a law that you have to. In conclusion, a good citizen should respect their own and other people’s rights and responsibilities.


Question: What is government and why is it necessary?

Answer: Government is a system that is necessary and keeps us organized and safe in society. If we didn't have government, there wouldn't be control over the citizens because there wouldn't be anyone with enough power to make changes. In the United States, our government is run by the people, (direct democracy) and we are allowed to vote. In addition, we vote on who will be the president, or on other leaders, and as a result, they help make choices to keep us safe and in order. Another reason why government is important is so that nobody has too much power (separation of power) over everyone. When Hitler was alive, he was a dictator and he had too much control over all of the citizens. In conclusion, government is very important and for many reasons.


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