Racism Societal evil

Websites Used:images of racism

Racism is when someone is judged of their color and not of their character.

Racism is everywhere in the world especially today, many people get different results because of race. People die because there are many videos of people dying and most of those people are black and died by the hands of police. These videos are everywhere in the world and some of these videos are live.

Long ago blacks were slaves, they were forced to do work and if not they had harsh punishments that left bruises and scars that either got infected or hurt for a long time. That history then led up to now and many fights happened just because someone is black or white.

But today racism is way different from before, today people fight about race but we have equality in more places and rights to keep us safe and wealthy.
The KKK where very racist they hated black people for no real reason they where in disguise they where police officer

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