Human Help or Human Hinder HOw much does human impact help or hinder Urban wetlands?






Wetlands are an integral part of life for many species of birds. Wetlands provide areas for birds to access food and water as well as breeding and nesting areas and places to raise their young

Darling Duckies and Grand Greese

What happens when these wetlands are created within the confines of a big, bustling city? What happens when the wetlands are surrounded by an industrial area, a major highway or under the path of low flying airplanes?

WETLANDS are ideal nature-based solutions for regulating the effects of climate stress and climate change that cities are increasingly faced with, including heat waves, long dry spells, floods and related accumulation of polluted sediments. Furthermore, and in addition to their importance in water flow regulation, they are stepping stones for species of different taxa and place of the creation of novel or altered habitats and the survival of endangered species (Elmqvist et al. 2015)

How do wetlands help the humans?

the soils and tree cover of wetlands and floodplains serve as a highly efficient metabolic body for nutrient fluxes and pollutant, benefiting the humans settling around these areas.(HAASE 2009).

......BUT......is there a DOWN SIDE to building an urban wetland........

THis is where i'd put in info on the down side if i had more time...i'd use info from a site like:


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