Kamakoa sTocksdale-chun fat 2016-2017

These are my hopes and dreams for the third grade.

I think that I did well in accomplishing my goal so far because I always got a passing end of the trimester grade and I am having a really good year so far.😊

This is a picture of my 2nd trimester goals.

Reading Goal Reflection: My goal in reading was to understand the meaning of words that I don't know. I think that I did pretty good in achieving my goal because I know the meaning of more word now than from in the beginning of the school year.

Reading Response

This trimester I completed reading 27 books. My three favorite books that I read were... The Bermuda Triangle By: Andrew Donkin The Quest for the Diamond Sword By: Winter Morgan and I Survived the Japanese Tsunami By: Laura Tarshis I enjoyed reading the Bermuda Triangle because before third grade I heard a lot of things from my brother about the Bremuda triangle and that made me wonder about the Bermuda Triangle. But once I found the Bermuda Triangle book it answered all my questions and gave me more information about the Bermuda Triangle. My goal for the third trimester is to read more books that are my level and to understand the books that I read. I will meat my goal by listening to what my teacher suggests to me and borrowing books that seem interesting to me.

Writing Reflection

My goal in writing was to trie and spell words I don't know correctly. I think that I did well I achieveing my goal because I can spell more words correctly now than in the 2nd trimester. I think that my biggest obstacle was when I pulled a joint in my arm because it was my writhing arm and it was hard to write. One thing that I think I did well in my informational writing piece was I gave good and real information. As a writer one of the most interesting things I learned about myself was that I can persever even when it gets hard.

Math Goal

My goal in math was to improve on solving word problems. Something that I learned by working towards my goal was that if you get an answer you should double check if you gat it wright and you should always reread and circle key or important words to help you remember what you need to do in the problem. One challenge I faced was my sports because it held me back from practicing. Some of the biggest helpers along my way were my parents, my siblings, and my teachers. One of the most interesting things that I learned in the 2nd trimester was how to break apart arrays and get the answer to each part and then add each answer to each part together to get the answer to the whole array.

This is a picture of my group.
Holiday Service learning project (Economics)

Durring our trip to target something important that I learned about Economics is to know how to manege a curtain amount of money in a budget and not go over that budget. And something else that I learned more like a life lesson was that if you're working in a group how you act effects how your group acts. An example would be when koali got mad because she wanted a book but our group disagreed. Then my group and I tried to solve it by checking how much money we had and luckily we had enough money to buy the book to make koali happy.

This is a picture of my skyscape I did in art.

How imm

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