Mexican-American War by trevor

Why did we go to war with Mexico?

The main reasons we went to war with Mexico is that we wanted land including, the republic of Texas, the disputed land between Mexico and Texas, and the land that Mexico owned. Another reason was Manifest Destiny. We wanted to expand coast to coast. Our goals for the war were to drive Mexican forces out of the disputed border region and secure the border. Next, seize New Mexico territory and California. Lastly, capture Mexico City (Mexico's Capital at the time.)

Importance of Leaders.

Santa Anna- After the Battle of the Alamo, Santa Anna said he would give us that land at a reasonable price instead of death. Santa Anna never did give us that land. Instead he declared himself president and tried to fight off the American Forces. Which was unsuccessful.

James K Polk- Tried to purchase California for $20-$40 million before the war started. After Polk heard news that the purchase was very unlikely he asked congress to declare war.

Zachary Taylor- Commanded his army during the war. Later, he became the 12th president of the United States

What were the battles like?

The battles were hard fought for the United States, having to deal with Santa Anna's army. Sometimes it even came down to hand to hand combat.

How did we win the war?

We were able to reach our goals of driving mexicans out of the disputed region and taking that over. Also, capturing Mexico City. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and the Gadsden Purchase put America at the size that it is now.

What we Gained/Lost

We gained all the land that Mexico owned, the disputed border region, and Republic of Texas. What we lost? roughly 17,000 troops

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