Alcohol and drugs is a problem that can affect people's lives. by: Kejey Brown

In the article "Finding peace through sewing, and friends through dance" Bell-Joe talks to the children about drinking and what had happened to her, and she talks about all the trouble drinking had brought her, she tells the children “You are slowly killing yourself.”

In the article "Using their tribe's traditions to fight addiction" the writers talk about somethings they used to help children get out of alcohol and drugs abuse. Text says "She got clean with the help of a Yurok wellness program. It puts traditional tribal values to work to heal Yurok men and women who are addicted, or hooked on drugs." Lauren Alvarado said that she first dried drugs at 12 years old and her first arrest was at 13 years old. Somethings that could happen to you if you are addicted is that you could go to jail, but you have to have the mindset to stop doing the wrong thing and do the right thing. Text says "Either I would keep messing up and I would be in jail, or I would have to be better for myself. Some tribal members charged with drug or alcohol crimes come to the court under certain conditions. They are released by the court but remain under its watch."

In the book "The Absolute True Diary of a Part- Time Indian" alcohol is a very big problem. Junior's grandmother dies because of a drunk driver, on page 157, text says "in fact, last week, she was walking back home from a mini powwow at the Spokane Tribal Community Center, when she was struck and killed by a dunk driver." This is a tragic thing that can happen when you drink and get drunk. You can kill yourself or you can kill other innocent people.

Also in the book, on page 169, it says "Way drunk, Eugene was shot and killed by one of his good friends, Bobby, who was too drunk to even remember pulling the trigger. The police think Eugene and Bobby fought over the last drink in a bottle of wine." Alcoholism is something that can cause you to do things that you will regret if you are drunk.

On page 205, text says "Of course they had a big party! Of course they were drunk! they're Indians! They had a big party, my father said. and your sister and her husband passed out in the back bedroom. And somebody tried to cook some soup on a hot plate. And they forgot about it and left. And a curtain drifted in on the wind and caught the hot plate, and the trailer burned down quick. I swear to you that I could hear my sister screaming. The police say your sister never even woke up, my father said she was way to drunk."

we should drink responsibly or not at all so that we don't affect our lives.


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