Uranus A project by Joshua Doong 5/6R

A picture of Uranus. "pretty plane huh?"
By the way All credits are at the bottom of page thank you

Amazing facts about Uranus "LETS SEE!"

Fact 1.Lets start of with size the planet Uranus has a diameter of 51,118 km and a mass of 8.683e25 kg so now this fact is covered lets go to Fact 2!

Fact 2. Out of the eight planets in our fascinating solar system Uranus comes in a placing of 7th planet from the Sun and that is pretty far on to Fact 3!

Fact 3. The discovery of Uranus was actually the first planet in modern times it was discovered on March 13th 1781 by a Man of the name William Helcher. to The next Fact!!

Fact 4. The orbit period of Uranus is around 84 Earth days and each season last around 21 YEARS!!! "pretty cool huh?"

Fact 5. Uranus actually has 27 Known moons to human kind who knows maybe there is much more to discover that's something for you to find out.

Fact 6. The solar system is always moving so Uranus and earth are always in different place though the closest they have ever been is 2.6 billion km

Fact 7. a whole bunch of hydrogen and helium is what makes up the atmosphere of Uranus lets just say if you where able to breath on that planet your voice would be extremely high hahahaha ;)

Thank you for your attention


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