Importance of honor Bianca Ramirez 6th

To be honorable, you must show some loyalty. “Loyalty means nothing unless it has at its hearts the absolutes principles of self sacrifice. “-Woodrow T. Wilson How will the loyalty between others and themselves allow the theme of honor to be expressed? The Kite Runner is a historical drama written by Khaled Hosseini to portray his vision of Afghanistan.Throughout the novel Hosseini developed many themes that have common similarities to each other. One topic that developed as a major theme throughout the novel is honor. The importance of honor helps the characters realize how significant the sacrifices that were made are to them, it builds their relationship with one another, and impacts characters feelings.

Throughout friendships, sacrifices will be made, such as it did for Amir and Hassan. There is conflict between the friendship because of how they treat each other such as, "He knew I had betrayed him and yet he was rescuing me once again, maybe for the last time. I wasn't worthy of this sacrifice; I was a liar, a cheat, and a thief." (Ch. 9) Even though Amir didn't treat Hassan how he should have been treated, Hassan was always loyal to Amir and their friendship. A major issue that occurred was when Amir accused Hassan of stealing his watch even though he hadn't. This issue has much significance to the story because it allows Amir to realize how Hassan will show his loyalty and honor towards their friendship such as, "Then I understood: This was Hassan's final sacrifice for me." No matter how badly Hassan was treated by Amir he knew that he would never betray their friendship.

Another relationship that will have honor throughout is Amir's and his wife Soraya's. During their relationship both Amir and Soraya had secrets that they yet haven't told each other. As for Soraya she knew she had to be loyal to Amir and honor her sin of hiding her secret from him no matter how hard it was for her as shown, "Fresh tears squeezed out between her lids." Even though Soraya did the right thing, Amir betrayed himself and her by keeping his secret to him as he expresses "But I think a big part of the reason i didn't care about Soraya's past was that I had one of my own. I knew all about regret." Amir represented how he didn't honor his wife by keeping his secret to himself which will cause conflict between their relationship with each other.

Throughout the novel Amir creates a conflict between himself that impacts him to become the kite runner. As Amir is trying to get away from his problems, honor will help him realize how to be loyal to himself and others. During the novel the relationship between Amir and his father Baba states details about how Amir is always seeking honor from his father, but really he needs to be honorable towards his father. Amir expressed "And on this soil, I had fought for my fathers love." (Ch.19) In this time period Amir finally realizes how to honor his love between him and his father. Not only did Amir need to reassure his relationship with his father, but also his relationship with himself. Amir states that "Yes." In truth, I didn't remember the last time I had laid my forehead to the ground in prayer." This is an important time for Amir, he is finally realizing that he must honor his past rituals and the sins he has created.

By the end of the book the theme of honor became helpful throughout helping the conflict of the characters realizing how to be loyal to themselves and others.


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