Study of Christianity By Jacob Martin & Madison Onofry

Introduction to Christianity

Christianity is a monotheistic religion based on the teachings of Jesus. Christianity has over 2.2 billion followers worldwide, which is about 32% of the world's population. Christians believe in one God who gave His son Jesus to save humanity from their sins because of his love for humanity. Christians also believe in the trinity, which is the father(god), the Son(jesus), and the holy spirit.
{Jesus Christ}

origin of Christianity

CHRISTIANITY WAS FOUNDED throughout JESUS's ministry, which was about 2000 years ago. jesus of Nazareth was the founder of Christianity. it started in Jerusalem where jesus ministered, and it was originated from the life and teachings of jesus christ. Christians believe in Jesus because of his sacrifice for our sins.

Christian Beliefs

Christians believe in one god, who gave his son, Jesus to die for our sins. Christians know this from the Holy bible, which was made to express the word of god. The bible includes the old and new testaments which all lead to jesus's crucifixion and resurrection.


Christians also celebrate this around april, which is called easter. the celebrate the death and resurrection of jesus. Normally christians around this time would fast and penance. Christians also celebrate the birth of jesus during christmas.
{A image is of the celebration Christmas}

Jesus's return

Jesus's return also called the second coming is when jesus returns and bring all who believe in him to heaven. Nobody knows when he is coming. Those who were not followers of Jesus would stay with the devil.
{A image of what Jesus's return is known to look like}

Other facts

Christians celebrate jesus every sunday at church. Church is the place of worship for christians. The belief of one God Originated from the jewish religion. Christians believe that if one believes in Jesus, who died for their sins, would have Eternal life in heaven, but those who don't go to hell. HEAVEN IS THE KNOWN PLACE AS GODS KINGDOM. IT IS KNOWN AS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE for Christians in the after life. HELL IS KNOWN AS SATANS DOMAIN, IT IS KNOWN AS THE WORST PLACE TO GO FOR AFTER LIFE. Satan was a fallen angel that was jealous of how powerful god is. Satan wanted to over power god, so he created hell. There is also something called sins. Sins are actions the are against god.
A modern church

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